Is Genesis a Luxury Brand?

Genesis is a luxury car company that accounts for more than three percent of Hyundai’s overall car sales. In 2015, the brand launched as Hyundai’s standalone luxury division and began competing with BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes. Soon enough, it became part of the auto majors doubling down on investment in electric cars.

What is the Genesis Brand?

Genesis brand is a new standalone luxury car brand launched in 2015 from the Hyundai brand. It is the luxury arm of Hyundai Motors, with a lineup of three sedans barely keeping sales rallying. Though new, the Genesis brand has proven itself a worthy competitor to older brands like Mercedes and BMW.

The brand is entering different countries, including US shores, with its state-of-the-art automobiles. Its 2021 midsize SUV arrived on US shores in 2021 with its stablemate, the G80 sedan. Genesis cars feature European-style luxury and performance, excellent customer service, Lexus quality, and a rich blend of Korean value.

Is Genesis a Good Brand?

Genesis is usurping the throne of many older and standard automobile brands like Lexus. In fact, the brand is reportedly beating Lexus in terms of quality and reliability to some extent. However, consumers still accustomed to South Korean vehicles are still lagging.

Genesis raced past and topped every luxury brand in 2020, which will make it the fourth year it has done that. Hyundai and Kia came after Genesis, taking second and third positions respectively in 2018 and 2019. 

Furthermore, the Genesis brand takes superior ratings for available vehicle-to-pedestrian and vehicle-to-vehicle evaluations. Additionally, its standard headlamps are rated Good or Acceptable, as it is supposed to be for a Top Safety Pick.

When Did Genesis Come About?

The Genesis brand came into existence in 2015, although the name was first used in 2009, on a Hyundai beginning. The name was given to a generic flagship sedan with a forgettable styling and performance.

The Car Company launched Genesis fully in 2015, with its first G80 sedan released in 2016, which was the beginning of the brand’s triumph.

Genesis launched another model, the compact G70 sedan, which found Genesis making waves pretty quickly. This car became the North American Car of the Year in 2019 and got the trophy for Motor Trend Car of the Year in the same year.

The G70 compact sports sedan has a sparkling performance. Also, it has a confident design and cohesive identity that makes it more than just a budget alternative to true-luxury cars.

Is Genesis High Quality?

The newly-launched Genesis brand matches old car brands in quality; it reportedly has a Lexus-level quality. Furthermore, the brand is improving, making plans to take its innovations beyond what the world is used to.

For example, the brand released a statement saying it will phase out all gas-powered vehicles by the end of the decade. It says its vehicles, starting from 2025, will fully run on batteries and cells.

Genesis’s high quality hasn’t gone unnoticed by lovers of high-class cars because its sales are over the roof every year.


The Genesis car brand is the luxury arm of the Hyundai Car Company, accruing more than three percent of the company sales. Although newly established, the brand isn’t joking; it is well on its way to surpassing infamous and high-quality car brands in the industry.

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