Is Furla A Luxury Brand?

Furla is a luxury brand known to produce fashion items of high quality but with cheap price tags. Furla is an Italian luxury brand currently owned by the Furlanetto family and features high-end Italy-designed products. Furla products range from handbags to shoes to accessories – all considered high-quality fashion products.

Is Furla an Expensive Brand?

Surprisingly, no, Furla is not expensive at all, especially for a luxury brand. Furla products are cheap because of the brand’s factory’s proximity to Italy’s best tanneries. This allows the brand to produce high-quality bags at a low cost.

Furla is among the big luxury labels in Europe that are gaining momentum in the fashion industry. It is a premium and affordable luxe brand that produces affordable luxury items, unlike most luxury brands do.

Where is Furla Made?

Furla boasts of the fact that all of its products are made in Italy. The brand is said to stay true to its Italian origin in traditional craftsmanship, among other things. The brand uses the country’s finest raw leather material to create some of the most luxurious, Italian-quality fashion items.

Furla products are very popular in Italy, especially their handbags; those are said to be the favorites of many.

Are Furla Handbags Good Quality?

Since the first Furla handbags launch in 1970, the brand has been known to produce nothing short of top-quality, timeless bags. Furla handbags are made of some of the best, highest quality real leather materials globally. The brand has always been known for quality since its inception in 1930.

Furla craftsmanship is said to be composed of top, talented designers in the country, with the bags being traditionally processed. These characteristics combined make Furla bags the ultimate luxury item anyone can own.

How to Spot a Fake Furla Handbag

Furla handbags are timeless items that are a target for counterfeiters and designer brand pirates. It can be difficult to get an authentic Furla handbag – especially in places where counterfeited products are allowed to thrive. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be confused if you knew what makes a Furla handbag authentic.

Below are ways you can tell if a Furla bag so-called is authentic or fake;

  • Look for a large dust bag with the Furla logo written in black and capital letters.
  • Feel the insides of the bag; it should have suede; if the insides are rough, you’re likely dealing with a fake. Don’t be fooled by the look; feel it – it should have that buttery-soft feel typical with suede.
  • Feel the outsides of the bag; it should be made of real leather – soft and smooth. If you see ‘vegan leather,’ it isn’t a real Furla; Furla handbags are made with real leather, not plastic or vegan leather.
  • Furla bags are also made of PVC, velvet, suede, and canvas; if it isn’t leather, there should be the Furla logo inside.
  • The stitching on real Furla handbags is impeccable; you should not see any irregularities.


Furla is an Italian luxury brand known to prioritize quality and affordability. The brand produces affordable fashion items with the best quality leather materials available.

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