Is Frederique Constant a Luxury Brand?

Frederique Constant is a luxury watch brand based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. The luxury brand is still new compared to the Swiss watch movement, but it has made a considerable impact. For example, the first collection of six of the brand’s watches launched in 1992 consisted of Swiss movements and was phenomenal.

Is Frederique Constant a Good Brand?

Frederique Constant is a good brand as far as quality Swiss watch brands go. The brand may not have a century-old legacy but it does have a few notable achievements to its name. Two years after launching its first six watches in 1992, it manufactured a Heart Beat model.

This watch model featured a window on the dial’s face, allowing a clear view of the watch’s pulsing balance wheel. The Heart Beat watch was one of its kind and considered a brilliant innovation.

The focus of the Frederique brand has always been on creating affordable luxury. Many Frederique Constant watches featured modified ETA movements, bringing home the idea of luxury watches.

Is Frederique Constant Worth It?

Frederique Constant watches are worth their price, typically around $1,500 and $3,000. However, some Frederique watches are more expensive than that. This price range puts the brand on par with more recognized Swiss brands like Longines and Tissot. Moreover, Frederique Constant takes full advantage of technology and integrates innovation into its watches.

Although the watches are worth more, the Frederique brand has avoided putting an exorbitant price on them. However, the brand hasn’t gone down on quality with its watches to match the affordability of its watches. As far as Frederique Constant watches go, what you pay for is not what you get; you get more.

Is Frederique Constant Made in China?

Frederique Constant has a manufacturing base in China in 3200 squares meters factory. The base has more than four floors, including one for movement, movement assembly, watch assembly, component production, and quality control.

However, the brand has a Geneva, Switzerland origin, which forms a bigger percentage of the brand’s manufacturing locations. Frederique Constant is among the many luxury brands taking advantage of China’s production opportunities.

“Made in China” has always sparked scepticism and criticism from most people, mostly because products with the label are considered low quality. However, low-quality is not a thing with Frederique Constant watches.

The brand prides itself on innovative and technologically-advanced, designer watches anyone would be proud to own.

What is Frederique Unique For?

Frederique’s innovation is one of its main selling points. From the brand’s conception, it has always developed diverse innovations for its watches. A popular example is the Heart Beat movement it created in 2001.

Fifteen more innovative watches have been released after that, including the silicon escapement wheel, unique tourbillon, and world-timer series, to name a few. Frederique is known to be among the most innovative watch brands worldwide.


The Frederique Constant brand is a luxury watch brand but affordable luxury. However, Frederique Constant is still considered a newbie compared to major timepiece creators in the industry. Nevertheless, the brand has made a name for itself where innovative Swiss watches are concerned.

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