Is Faure Le Page Worth It?

The oldest maroquinier and luxury Fashion brand, Faure Le Page, is undoubtedly an outstanding fashion brand. Its rich history is fascinating, particularly the fact that the brand didn’t start as a fashion brand.

In its early years, most of its over-400 years, in fact, were spent manufacturing arms for royalty and armies. While it also made leather goods back then, it only recently ventured into the art of manufacturing bags and accessories.

Faure Le Page is often tagged as a brand for the kings and queens of Europe, which makes it a luxury brand. The brand’s bags go through a complex manufacturing process that requires the experience of an expert to do. This process is complicated and very delicate, but that’s why the bags are so durable and very worth it.

Why Should You Buy Faure Le Page?

If you’re considering patronizing a luxury brand, a fundamental question you need to ask yourself is why. We could tell you that Faure Le Page is great, features high-quality otherworldly materials, a classy, mature design, and more.

However, when it’s all been said and done, your reason for wanting to invest in a luxury brand matters. The question of whether or not a brand is worth buying is one of the most pressing questions of new high-fashion consumers.

Nevertheless, we will tell you that Faure Le Page is a distinct French fashion brand that is unique in its way. When we say “unique,” we mean that Faure Le Page doesn’t blend or “adjust” for trends in the literal sense. Instead, it sets its own pace and follows its path, and then it leaves you, the fashion consumers, to decide what you want.

While that alone may not be a good enough reason, it helps to know that you’re wearing something that’s unlike others.

The manufacturing process that Faure Le Page bags and accessories go through is delicate and intricate. The French brand employs the best artisans to work on each product to ensure there are no mistakes. That’s why they come out well-made with no imperfections and why they can compete with higher-end brands like Goyard.

Goyard is also an old-fashioned brand, though not as old as Faure, but more expensive than Faure Le Page.

What Are Some Facts about Faure Le Page?

If you’re considering investing in Faure Le Page as your go-to brand, you typically want to know as much as you can about it. These are some of the secrets the luxury purveyor has kept for years and that have now come out in the open.

Faure Le Page is an under-the-radar brand, meaning only a few people have a sizable amount of information about it. After reading these facts about Faure Le Page, you’ll be among those people also:

  • Faure Le Page has been around longer than the most popular brands in the industry today – even the over-a-century-old Louis Vuitton. Its history started over three hundred years ago as a swordsmith and gunsmith during the reign of Louis XV.
  • In its early years, the brand was named Pigny, Le Page, and Le Page Moutier; “Faure Le page” only came about in 1865. The descendant of Louis Pigny, the brand’s founder, Emile Henry, took over the family-owned brand and renamed it.
  • Faure Le Page hasn’t always been about fashion; it focused only on weapons and ceremonial weapons for European nobles. It widened its horizon in the early 20s till 2009 by manufacturing leather hunting goods. 
  • The brand changed its scope of production when Augustin de Buffevent, an ex-Dior staffer, acquired it. He revived its former cult and insider status, taking advantage of its heritage of crafting leather goods. Under Augustin’s leadership, Faure Le Page closed its first-ever store in rue de Richelieu and opened a new one in rue Cambon in 2012.
  • Faure Le Page has a strong connection to the history of France because it supplied weapons to the country’s revolutionary forces in 1789 and 1830.

Is Faure Le Page More Popular than Goyard?

Faure Le Page is older than Goyard, but the latter is more prevalent among fashion enthusiasts and in the fashion world.

Unfortunately, very few people know about the existence of this brand, and those who do know something, don’t know much. That’s most likely because the Faure Le Page brand has kept things under the radar since its existence. 

However, it was its venture into the market of more popular fashion items like totes and accessories that recently put it on the map.

On the other hand, Goyard is one of the most famous French brands worldwide – and more expensive than Faure. Due to the brand’s allure and high-end clientele, it takes a spot among the more expensive French leather goods brands.

Until recently, Faure has remained one of the more low-key luxury leather goods producers not based in Paris. It isn’t as well-known as Goyard because its distribution structure is very limited, unlike the latter’s global presence.

Is Faure Le Page a Good Brand to Invest In?

Faure Le Page may not be your everyday high-end, most popular brand, but it is one of the good ones. Its products are distinct French craftsmanship with roots going back to the eighteenth century.

Iconic French novelists like Dumas and Pushkin talked about the brand in their novels, labeling it a brand for Europe’s royals. The brand recently launched a new rouge capsule collection, Hot Fire, where its artistic director talked about how it has remained relevant.

According to Buffevent, the brand’s director, it can take two years to complete a Faure Le Page collection, from design to launch. However, when you consider what the brand stands for, patience and passion are two words that stand out among others.

The outstanding fashion house creates classic fashion pieces made in historical workshops, which go far beyond familiar hunting grounds. Faure Le Page is an excellent brand to invest in if you’re looking for authentic, high-quality-focused, affordable luxury pieces.


At the center of Faure Le Page’s goals are things a true fashion enthusiast is looking for: quality, durability, and exclusivity. The Faure Le Page brand is unlike other brands in that it doesn’t follow or bend for trends.

Its ability to remain on the values it has always stood on is one of the reasons it has remained relevant today. If you want a chunk of high fashion that’s less expensive, you will find Faure Le page worth investing in.

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