Is Faure Le Page a Luxury Brand?

Founded in 1717, Faure Le Page is the oldest luxury leather goods manufacturer in the fashion industry. Despite being over four hundred years old, the brand has stayed relevant by setting its own pace rather than following trends.

It is an iconic brand that has remained under the radar, which is probably why you know little about it. However, Faure Le Page products are pretty affordable compared to higher-end and more popular brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

Though older than the famous luxury brands the world knows, Faure Le Page hasn’t been successful in its 400-years of existence. The brand didn’t initially start as a fashion brand; it was a firearms maker and only entered fashion in 2009.

If you’re curious about Faure Le Page, follow us as we answer some questions about the brand. Then, you can use those answers to make informed decisions on whether or not to make it your go-to fashion brand.

Is Faure Le Page Expensive?

Faure Le Page is a luxury brand, but its luxuriousness is mainly from its high exclusivity rather than its prices. Considering how under-the-radar this brand is, you’d expect it to be as expensive or even more expensive than others like it.

Two brands often compared with Faure Le Page are Moynat and Goyard; Faure Le Page is “cheaper” than both. However, understand that “cheaper” is still more expensive than the normal prices you would see in a low-end store.

Faure Le Page totes range in prices between $1080 and $1250, which is at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper than Goyard. The low price nonetheless, Faure Le Page-products feature the same or similar high quality you’d find in these more expensive brands.

The high-end French brand offers the best of fashion to fashion enthusiasts who can’t afford higher-end brands. While it uses the best quality materials and highly talented artisans in making its products, it keeps them affordable.

What Is the Story behind Faure Le Page?

There’s a good chance you’ve only just heard about Faure Le Page; that’s for a good reason. The fashion brand, Faure Le Page, was founded in 1717 as a firearms manufacturer; it is the oldest leather goods maker.

Faure Le Page isn’t as well-known as its competition, like Louis Vuitton and Goyard (the two brands that came after it). Still, it is a prestigious luxury brand that has remained relevant while maintaining its vast, rich history.

The brand was founded by Louis Pigny and remained in the Pigny family until 1913. The name “Faure Le Page ” came about in 165 after many names, including Pigny, Le Page, and LePage Moutier.

The French brand supplied weapons to royalty in the early 70s, including King Louis XV, and armed the revolutionary forces in 1789 and 1830. It also made leather goods then, but mostly firearms-related products like gun holsters and hunting accessories like satchels.

Faure Le Page ventured into the fashion industry in 2009, making high-quality bags and accessories, but it hasn’t abandoned its roots. Instead, it pays homage to its firearms-making roots through the unconventional designs of its pochettes, which are gun-shaped and called “Caliber.”

The iconic French brand has been quiet for years and only started gaining recognition after Augustin de Buffevent bought it. It closed down its first-ever store in rue de Richelieu and reopened a new one in rue Cambon’s infamous district.

Are Faure Le Page Totes any Good?

Faure Le Page totes feature iconic designs that any fashion enthusiast will appreciate – and non-fashion enthusiasts will admire. First off, they feature impressively high quality for a bag priced way below more expensive brands. 

Then again, we’ve established that quality isn’t the only reason for the high cost of those bags. Additionally, the bags feature different but beautiful designs fitting for Europe’s kings and queens.

For a long time, the iconic brand has played a distinct role in French fashion history. Faure Le Page doesn’t follow fashion trends; it follows its path, and that’s why it is still relevant.

Apparently, the saying “stay true to yourself” actually works, which is something a lot of brands need to incorporate. Faure Le Page bags are effortless and practical with a spacious interior; well-structured but still supple.

The Daily Battle is a famous example of Faure Le Page’s high-quality totes, featuring the brand’s signature Ecailles scale motif. The motif evokes dragons and mermaids with its armor and ornament, conferring power and allure to whoever wears it.

The bags range between 1080 and 1250 USD, but their beautiful designs and quality offer more value. Faure Le Page totes come in different colors: walnut brown, steel gray, Paris blue, hot sand, and empire green.

Is Faure Le Page Durable?

Faure Le Page takes great pleasure in putting its products through a series of production processes and testing to ensure they come out perfectly. The brand’s artisans use different stencils to screen-print the brand’s signature Ecailles scale pattern onto the weave of the bag’s canvas. 

This technique is demanding and features a labor-intensive process and requires the skills of an experienced virtuoso. In addition, matching the different tones of the same color isn’t easy, and if the screen is imperfectly aligned by just a little, it’ll ruin everything. 

For example, if the screen isn’t perfectly aligned on one side, it’ll ruin the other side even by a quarter of a millimeter. That means the artisan has to maintain a certain level of speed while ensuring the hues have the same density.

It is a complicated and intricate process, but that’s why the brand’s products are so high-quality and durable. Faure Le Page adopts this manufacturing technique to apply the Ecailles motif, which is reserved for the finest fabrics.

The high-quality manufacturing materials and processes Faure Le Page items go through ensure durability. As a result, the products last so long, and their designs remain relevant to fashion – enough to be passed down as heirlooms.


While Faure Le Page-products don’t cost as high as Louis Vuitton and the likes, it can be regarded as a luxury brand. Luxury brands are classified into different levels; the Faure Le Page brand falls among the more affordable options. 

Therefore, Faure Le Page is a good brand to consider if you want high-quality fashion that’ll give you a run for your money. That is, as long as the brand’s style and designs match your taste because not everyone will appreciate them.

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