Is Earth Breeze Made in China?

Earth Breeze makes its eco sheets in China, smashing it. It is an American brand making headway in the branding industry. There’s often the question of which is better between Tru Earth, Earth Breeze’s major competitor, and Earth Breeze. However, Earth Breeze’s products’ quality is without question, despite being made in China.

Where is Earth Breeze Based?

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Earth Breeze is based in Miami; it is an American company established in 2020. Although based in Miami, the brand also makes its products in China. People often question the authenticity of products made in China. It would please you to know that there are still brands that don’t compromise on quality because of cheap production costs.

Yes, most high-end brands in China today are there to take advantage of China’s production opportunities. Also, yes, the country is often associated with counterfeits. However, true brands like Earth Breeze take advantage of China’s cheap production costs without compromising their credibility.

What Is Earth Breeze Known For?

Earth Breeze is known for its eco detergent sheets. Although one of the brand’s competitors, Tru Earth, has already started this innovation, Earth Breeze is trying its best to stand out. Moreover, Earth Breeze is making more waves than Tru Earth when comparing their Instagram handles. The brand manufactures its eco sheets in China, but they retain their high-quality testimonials.

Earth Breeze notices the problem of wasteful plastic jugs being thrown in landfills annually. These jugs don’t only pollute the water system; they also contain harmful substances that only professionals can identify.

Unfortunately, recycling wasn’t effective since the world requires less than ten percent. The rest either ends up in the ocean or gets incinerated, resulting in a bigger release of carbon dioxide. Earth Breeze and other brands like it stepped in to fix the situation as best as they can

Is Earth Breeze Good?

Although fairly new, the brand has made considerable headway in the detergents and laundry industry. While Earth Breeze does its part on the outside, it lets you do yours in the comfort of your home. Moreover, the brand gives back to charities that plant trees and they clean oceans.

In addition, with every pack you purchase, the brand donates ten washing loads to the less fortunate.

Furthermore, the brand is able to promote a more sustainable lifestyle with its paper packaging. Their products come in zero-plastic, cardboard packaging that is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Meanwhile, good news for animal lovers, their products are animal-friendly. So, you can enjoy the product knowing none of your favorite animals were killed to manufacture it.

How long does Earth Breeze last?

Earth Breeze’s eco sheets can last up to eighteen months if used properly. The products come with their maintenance instructions; following those instructions is important so you can enjoy the products fully. For instance, you’re recommended not to leave the eco sheets open and store them in a dry and well-ventilated area.


Earth Breeze makes its eco sheets in China without compromising on their quality. Unlike Tru Earth, which boasts of being entirely Canadian, Earth Breeze has taken advantage of China’s cheap production costs. Nevertheless, the brand’s products maintain high quality and efficiency that their large customer base appreciates.

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