Is Delvaux a Luxury Brand?

There are three things a fashion label must possess to be tagged a full-fledged luxury brand; Delvaux has all. The first thing is exclusivity; Delvaux understands that luxury shoppers don’t want to see their bags in everyone else’s arms.

The second thing is high quality; the high quality of Delvaux products is unparalleled, which explains their impressive durability. The last factor is high price; Delvaux products are expensive – the bags, for instance, cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

Delvaux fulfills all the conditions a fashion label needs to fulfill to be considered an authentic luxury brand. It is a Belgian fashion label that deals in leather luxury goods and are the oldest leather goods company worldwide.

Like other old brands, Delvaux has had some not-so-great years, but it hasn’t let go of its values through the years. So, if you’re considering making Delvaux your brand for leather goods, this article contains important and interesting information you’d like to know.

Are Delvaux Handbags High-End?

Delvaux is a high-end brand; it offers everything a luxury fashion consumer can dream of and more. There are a few things a fashion brand must have to be considered high-end. That includes superior craftsmanship, exclusivity, creative expression, impressive durability, sense of place and time, design aesthetic and sophistication, heritage, relevance, and more.

Delvaux handbags have the high-price factor going for them; they are some of the most expensive fashion handbags on the market.

Delvaux is a family-owned company and the world’s oldest fine leather goods label. Since the brand started nearly two centuries ago, it has created over three thousand handbag designs. Despite being almost two hundred years old, Delvaux still creates described, sketched, and cataloged innovative creations in its Golden Book.

The handbags are characterized by their savoir-faire, uncompromising, high-skilled craftsmanship, and outstanding quality.

How Old Is the Delvaux Brand?

Charles Delvaux created the Delvaux brand in 1829, meaning the brand is about 193 years old. Despite being nearly two centuries old, the Delvaux brand has maintained a spot at the forefront of luxury leather goods.

That is most likely because the brand never compromised on its values, regardless of the changes it has made through the years. Charles Delvaux opened the brand’s first store in Brussels in 1829, a year before Belgium declared independence.

However, at the start of the 20th century, Delvaux went into a gradual decline until 1933. In 1933, Franz Schwennicke, an agricultural engineer, took over from Edmond Delvaux and helped the brand overcome its challenges.

Franz did not know about leather goods but came up with innovations and ideas to revive and keep the brand running. He maintained the brand’s original line of luxury goods but introduced a new concept for the time, which has continued until today.

Franz Schewnnicke died in 1970, after which his wife took over; she focused on strengthening the brand’s creativity and international presence. Under her leadership, she introduced a light holdall model, the “Le Pin,” to meet the new-generation trends for career women.

In addition, the brand opened a second workshop in Bourg-Argental, France, to meet rising demand. The brand celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2009; Compagnie Financiere Richemont S.A, a Swiss conglomerate, acquired Delvaux in 2021.

What Is So Special About the Delvaux Brand?

Delvaux’s ability to consistently churn out mind-blowing innovations has to be one of its most outstanding qualities. The Delvaux brand has always been known for its continuous innovations – like when it introduced light bags for air travelers.

The brand’s luxury items focused more on mature women until 1970 when it created a more practical bag for younger women. The brand created the “Pin” for younger women in the 70s and the “Lucifer,” a trendsetter that ruled the 80s.

Another thing that makes Delvaux unique is the quality of its products; every product is handmade with the finest leather. Moreover, the leather goods are produced in limited editions, created by world-renowned, talented designers, and designed with taste and perfection.

As a result, Delvaux products feature superior craftsmanship, thanks to the materials and handmade techniques it uses in manufacturing them. In addition, Delvaux has a close working relationship with extraordinary designers, which has helped it to bring an extra touch of fashion to classic yet stylish innovations.

Furthermore, Delvaux offers its customers the ultimate luxury experience through personalized products and bespoke fashion items. Delvaux customers only need to go to the brand’s headquarters to discuss their specifications with their designers and artisans.

They can discuss the product, function, material, and if they want their purchases personalized. In addition, each Delvaux fashion piece has its own numbered certificate signed by the head craftsman because they are handmade.

What Makes Delvaux a Luxury Brand?

Delvaux is a luxury brand because it combines these six factors: price, high quality, design aesthetic, meaning, exclusivity or rarity, and service. First, Delvaux items are expensive, although they aren’t the most expensive fashion items on the market.

However, the high price of Delvaux products is complemented by the quality of the materials used; they are of a higher grade. As far as Delvaux goes, the touch of authentic craftsmanship is second to none; their items are made with materials of the highest quality.

Additionally, Delvaux identifies you in a way that’s different from other items; it celebrates its sophistication with outstanding aesthetics. Also, Delvaux is built on reality and belief; its large fan base is made of quality fashion lovers who believe in its meaning.

Through it, Delvaux customers can access some meaning they cannot find elsewhere. Also, Delvaux products are manufactured in limited editions; they are extremely rare and difficult to own or access.

Finally, Delvaux is a luxury brand because of the high-quality service it offers its customers. Many luxury brands neglect the service element backing their products; Delvaux is one of the few that don’t. The brand has created a tangible relationship with its customers through excellent customer service.

That explains the brand loyalty and why customers don’t mind spending lavishly because they know they’re getting quality service.


Delvaux is a luxury brand not just in name but in craftsmanship, value, heritage, products, and service rendered. If you’re looking for a luxury brand that puts its money where its mouth is, Delvaux is an excellent place to look. The items are expensive, but you can be sure that you’re getting top-notch quality. 

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