Is David Yurman Worth It?

The worth of David Yurman’s jewelry is dependent on your preference and how often you intend to wear it. David Yurman is worth the hype to those who love their style and designs. Meanwhile, the brand is one of the few brands that have managed to retain its value even after many years.

Does David Yurman Jewelry Hold Value?

David Yurman is one of the most famous contemporary jewelry designers with some of the most popular and coveted designs. The brand majors on artisanal jewelry designs saddled with unique and breathtaking features.

The designs are beautiful, high-quality, and naturally fetching top prices, although the prices differ from one design to another.

The brand was founded in 1980 by David and Sybil Yurman. It has undergone many changes in its over-forty-year existence, but none of these changes include a reduction in value.

David Yurman jewelry is a worthy investment and will make an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

Is David Yurman a Good Brand?

David Yurman is a good jewelry brand that has been serving its customers hot for more than four decades. The brand is a timeless model of consummate craftsmanship, inspiration, and innovation.

Although the brand is still young compared to other centuries-old brands, the Yurman brand has made statements. Their items stand out anywhere, illuminating the skin and outfit they are worn with. David Yurman introduced his iconic cable bracelet in 1983, which became the talk of the jewelry industry.

DY makes beautiful pieces of jewelry, classic and timeless. Although they are expensive, their worth makes up for that high price. DY is about supplying timeless fashion in the most dramatic and fascinating way.

Is David Yurman a Luxury Brand?

The David Yurman brand is one of America’s foremost luxury jewelry and timepiece brands. DY was founded in New York City by a sculptor, David, and his wife, who was a painter.

David and his wife built the Yurman brand on a passion for design and art. Their intention at the beginning was simply to make beautiful and artistic designs; they didn’t expect it to turn into a business.

Their son, Evan Yurman, then drew inspiration from its natural textures, cutting-edge materials, and antiquities. He joined the company in 2003, playing a vital role in the design direction of high jewelry and men’s wedding collections.

David Yurman is one of America’s most popular jewelry brands. For some, DY is the only brand they know. Even non-fashion enthusiasts recognize David Yurman’s designs, showing that the brand is successful in its marketing techniques.

That’s not surprising, considering the brand has produced some of the most remarkable designs in the jewelry fashion industry. The DY brand started as an obscure and little-known designer brand.

Today, it is a 600-million-dollar business that has received many awards for being one of America’s leading jewelers.

DY jewelry has graced celebrities and high personalities like Barbra Streisand, Ashley Judd, and Kevin Spacey. It uses world-renowned supermodels like Amber Valletta and Naomi Campbell for its advertising campaigns.


David Yurman makes unique products designed with careful consideration and intentionality. DY’s consumers find their products to be worth the hype, and so do we.

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