Is Cole Haan a Luxury Brand?

Cole Haan is a luxury brand known for 100% quality. What defines a brand as luxury is first its quality, then the exclusivity of their items, and their price tags. If a brand makes high-quality products, it is likely a luxury brand. Cole Haan follows this principle, which is why it is considered a luxury brand.

Is Cole Haan Expensive?

Cole Haan is on the expensive side of the fashion industry, but that’s for good reasons. For instance, Cole’s shoes feature excellent craftsmanship and true work of art. In addition, Cole Haan has gained the world’s respect through its combination of comfort and high quality.

There was a time when luxury was defined according to style and design; it’s not so much like that now. Moreover, the price and accessibility of an item are no longer an indication of luxury but of high quality.

Cole Haan produces exquisite footwear that is pleasant to the eyes and provides comfort to the feet. The brand depends on sportswear for their items’ demand. People want shoes that they can wear for any occasion and long hours; the Haan brand satisfies that need. Cole Haan focuses on style without disregarding the comfort and convenience of its customers.

What Was Cole Haan Brand’s Original Name?

Cole Haan used to be Cole, Rood & Haan; the brand was named after its founders, Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. The “Rood” in their old name was removed because their third partner left the company eventually.

Cole Haan is a New York-based brand born in 1928 as a label for men’s shoes. Thanks to their fine leather footwear, they were tagged the premier men’s shoe label in the 20th century. The Haan brand was known for creating beautiful shoes for many of society’s most distinguished gentlemen.

Eventually, the Cole Haan brand added a women’s shoe line, ready-to-wear line, and children’s line to the already-existing men’s footwear line. George Denny acquired Cole Haan in 1975, expanding it to new heights five years later.

Through Denny’s leadership, the Haan brand became a major retailer. Nike later bought the company, selling athletic sportswear and gaining the respect of sports stars. Finally, Apax bought the company in 2012, expanding the business tenfold.

Where Can You Purchase Cole Haan Products?

Cole Haan Brickell City Centre | Phillip Pessar | Flickr

Cole Haan’s retail industry expanded under its owners, making its products available in several countries across multiple continents. You can find Cole Haan products in Mexico, Peru, Thailand, and China, to mention a few. The brand also has ten flagship stores, nine in the United States and one in Japan.

Does Cole Haan Use Animal Byproducts?

Like many fashion brands, Cole produced its items using real animal fur. However, the brand announced in 2008 that it would no longer use animal fur in its lines and products. This step marked the dawn of a new beginning for the brand. Cole Haan was among the first lifestyle brands to publicly denounce the use of animal byproducts for their items, opting instead for sustainable materials.


Cole Haan follows all the principles that make a brand luxury: quality, price points, and exclusivity. It is the go-to brand for millions of fashion enthusiasts and consumers worldwide. Cole Haan products are produced with careful detailing, high quality, beautifully crafted, and a true luxury.

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