Is Coach Tacky?

Like every fashion brand, particularly one as old as or older than Coach, Coach has seen not-so-great years. In one of those years, many would have considered Coach to be a tacky brand and have been right. However, Coach has revived itself, with its band of creative leadership revamping it to become as strong as ever. Thus, today, Coach is one of the strongest mid-level luxury brands and among the best in its category.

If you are considering investing your money in Coach items, especially the bags, asking questions like this is necessary. It would not be nice if, after spending more money than you would on an ordinary brand to discover it was a waste. Thus, this article will answer this question on whether or not Coach is tacky in more detail.

By the end of the article, you will be able to make a better and informed decision concerning investing in Coach.

Was Coach Ever a Tacky Brand?

Coach started in 1941 through Lillian and Miles Cahn with baseball-glove-inspired design, which gave rise to its iconic palette. For some time, Coach was basking in the glory of being a top fashion brand, particularly in the affordable luxury category.

However, not too long after, the brand became too ubiquitous, and its refusal to change its style didn’t help the matter. Before you know it, the brand’s signature collection lost most of its appeal, becoming a suburban sensibility at best.

Coach has always been about complex designs, combining materials to give their items delicate and complex embellishments. Coach customers who can afford the items should expect to use them for a long time, but the embellishments are easily prone to damage. For instance, the canvas and nylon used by the brand cannot take the beating a solid leather material can.

The items lost their aura such that people began wondering how they made it to the red carpet at all.

Furthermore, the delicate embellishments featured on the Coach brand’s items were not very attractive to many contemporary women. While handbags with complex designs are more popular, they tend to wear down faster than the others. Thus, the feature that made Coach a unique brand and top among others like it has caused the brand much suffering. Before long, Coach bags, a coveted classic, became a tacky chaos by the same feature that made them classic.

Is Coach Still a Tacky Brand?

Coach has since made a comeback; it refused to stay in the graveyard and become irrelevant like some other brands. Thus, it has been experimenting with transforming the typical classic slouchy shapes into structured, modern silhouettes. For instance, Coach has begun toning back its monograms with a refined subtlety, giving the brand class again. The brand’s fashion-forward ambassadors, including Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, have assisted in injecting energy back into Coach’s brand image.

However, the crazed resurgence of Y2K fashion probably takes the most credit for fuelling Coach’s historical comeback. The resurgence presented a perfect opportunity for Coach to rebrand traditional iconic pieces for the modern fashion consumer.

The comeback, starting with the classic Swinger bag re-launch, has helped it to reclaim its title as a pioneer of affordable luxury. The Swinger bag was subtle and sleek, and it brought back the monogram print, sparking renewed interest in the brand’s classic ‘CC’ embroidery.

Shortly after, the Pillow Tabby shoulder bag came and broke the internet, presenting a perfect balance between old and new. Today, Coach plays around with more youthful color splashes to ensure the brand remains classic but fresh. These changes, among others, have helped put Coach back into the spotlight and shifted it towards minimalism.

Is Coach Worth Investing In?

No doubt Coach is one of the most expensive brands in its category, its bags retailing between $150 and $795. However, even if the items entered $1,000 or more, Coach customers will likely buy them because they know they are getting quality. Coach uses strong, high-quality materials for its items to ensure they are not all bark and no bite. That is, while giving the finished products a luxurious finish, it also ensures their durability, and there’s an option for everyone.

Coach also invests in high-quality craftsmanship, with its handbags, among other things, made by leather goods specialists in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The plan is to create premium-quality bags that can stand the test of time and maintain their fashionable look still. 

Meanwhile, although Coach doesn’t produce its bags in Italy or France, it still stands on par with brands in terms of craftsmanship. Thus, Coach is a good brand to invest in if you are looking for an affordable brand with luxury-like quality.

What Are Top Coach Bags to Invest In?

Coach offers a wide range of bags in its collection, meaning you will find something that speaks to you best. Plus, the bags are an affordable luxury, and you can find items that fit within your budget. Below are some of the best Coach bags to invest in and add to your shopping basket:

The Pillow Tabby

The Pillow Tabby shoulder bag is an essential bag that would make a fine addition to any collection. It is available in different sizes and crafted from sumptuously-padded leather for a unique, smooth finish.

The Field Colorblock Tote

This tote is versatile, perfect for the workspace and a dinner night or relaxing weekend. It has a bold color blocking, combining white, tan, and navy for a gorgeous luxury finish.

The Camera

The Camera bag is a compact crossbody bag that is perfect for any occasion. Apart from the incredible looks of the textured leather, this bag’s minimalist design gives it a sophisticated look.

The Bucket

The Willow Bucket bag is popular for its style and practicality, featuring a sleek and versatile design. Its interior is exquisitely organized, divided into compartments to help you fit in all your essentials.


Coach has since evolved from tacky; the brand’s refusal to stay down after being knocked down is impressive. It has made a commendable comeback with revamped traditional styles, perfectly blending the old designs with contemporary ideas. The brand’s bags have an allure that appeals to the fashion-forward crowd, producing styles that will stand the test of time.

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