Is Coach Outlet Worth It?

The short answer, yes, Coach Outlet is worth it. All the knowledge that is going into Coach bags is also going into Coach Outlet bags. The quality is good, just not as good as Coach retail bags.

The bags made for the outlet store use cheaper leather, however, it’s good enough for your everyday usage. Coach retail bags are almost never on markdowns. It’s their marketing. It’s how they have decided to run the company.

Thereby, you’ll find better luck at the outlet stores.

So what will you find at Coach Outlet?

You can find all kinds of various Coach items in the outlet stores, depending on the season of course. The variation is large and you can expect to find more SKUs as well. Items include

  • Handbags
  • Women’s Accessories
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Wallets
  • Totes

If you’re looking for something specific, my recommendation is always to go to their online store and have a look. You can also call specific stores and ask if they’ve got it in stock. This is still a luxury brand, good customer service is part of Coach Outlet’s offer to its customers.

Specific Products for Outlet?

Most of the things are made just for the Outlet store. There are exceptions though. When a retail store doesn’t sell their seasonal items and they have to make room for new releases, those old bags and items are often sent to the outlet stores to sell at discounted prices.

It’s quite smart, a Coach retail customer will almost never see any discount prices, meanwhile, Outlet takes care of the items and sell them to customers that would “never” would buy full-priced items.

So How Can You Identify If it’s an Outlet or Retail Product?

Coach has made sure that all customers who wish to identify what kind of bag they’re buying can do so. There is a circle pressed on the creed on the Coach Outlet bags in the top left corner on the leather patch that is sewn into the inside of the bag.

Every Coach item has this leather patch. If it doesn’t, don’t touch that bag.

When You Should Scout for Outlet Products

Most new items arrive early each month and the most popular items sell out fast. The number one recommendation is to go there early in the month to get a good peek into what items they’ve got on the shelves.

Another recommendation is to go when a new season starts. That’s when the retail items need to be replaced and you can find the real juicy deals. Another big recommendation is to go to Coach Outlet’s website and signup for their newsletter. There, you can catch the big discount seasons where some items are sold up to 70% off.  

Also, if you’re in-store and find a bag that you like, keep it in your hands. You see, Coach Outlet stores don’t carry any stock and you risk losing the item if you don’t take the chance to buy when you’re there.

Other Ways to Strike an Awesome Deal

Most new deals will be displayed all over the store. But if you really want to find discounted prices, look at the clearance bins that are located here and there in the store. You will most likely find some really affordable items there.

Don’t forget to also check for any damages or irregularities that a bag might have. Even if it’s small and not noticeable, it can help to mention for the staff to see if you can get an even better price.

And lastly, the bags in the bins might have some marks on them because of the bin itself. Make sure that there aren’t any scuff marks on anything like it before you buy.


Coach Outlet is definitely worth it if you know what you’re looking for. The quality is still high, maybe as high as Coach Retail. Their bags that are sold under Coach Outlet will have a circle pressed on the creed.

Make sure that everything looks good, both on the inside and outside. If all looks good, you’ll probably make yourself an awesome luxury deal!

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