Is Clinique Made in China?

Clinique is made in China and has been since 1993 when it imposed its quality products in the country. Although an American brand, Clinique has more Chinese following than American. More so, when searched in the Chinese Google search engine, Baidu, the brand’s Chinese website always comes first; the American comes second.

Where is Clinique Manufactured?

Clinique is made in Japan, the US, and China; its headquarters are in New York City. However, the brand has locations in several continents of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the United States of America.

The Clinique brand has a large customer base, more like a “cult following” who love its exclusive products. Moreover, the brand is popularly sold in high-end stores since the brand majors in cosmetic products – what nearly everyone wants.

The Clinique brand started in 1968 after the US Vogue published an article discussing the possibility of achieving great skin through a proper skincare regime.

Is Clinique a Good Brand?

Clinique is a good brand, and for good reasons. Their products are much sought-after by many people in different parts of the world. For example, their cosmetic products feature a combination and array of beautiful colors. Clinique’s products are also known to tackle dark circles under the eyes.

They make products with a lightweight formula that is highly effective in clearing blemishes. Moreover, if you need a good moisturizing balm for your lips, you may want to consider Clinique.

For example, the brand published a product in 2011, the chubby stick, which soon became popular afterward. The moisturizing lip has a magnificent crayon application with a subtle sheen of color. The balm is referred to as a multi-tasker because it doesn’t only moisturize; it also treats the lips.

Is Clinique Worth Buying?

Clinique’s price tags aren’t over the roof, although we’d understand if they were. The brand only uses quality raw materials for its cosmetic products. There’s hardly any product of Clinique’s that has been bad-mouthed. Moreover, the brand wouldn’t have such a big following if it isn’t good.

Although not as affordable as the over-the-counter cosmetic products (if you know what we mean), their product is worth the money.

If you’re looking for a great skincare product that doubles as a treatment regime, Clinique’s got you covered. You’d use their product and probably introduce them to others.

What is Clinique Known For?

Clinique is known and loved for its quality cosmetic items. However, what makes them stand out the most is their 3-step skincare system: clean, scrub, and moisturize. It is hard to find one product that does all three at the same time; it is not an easy rule to abide by.

Nevertheless, the Clinique brand does. The brand has varying options of exfoliators for every skin type. Meanwhile, the brand’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is their best-seller, selling one every 4 seconds somewhere in the world.


Clinique products are also manufactured in China, as they are in the USA and Japan. However, the brand’s Chinese website has the largest following and comes first on the Chinese Google search engine, Baidu. Its American website comes second.

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