Is Chloe a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Chloe is known as a luxury brand; it is a French luxury fashion house. The fashion house was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952, who reportedly joined forces with Jacques Lenoir to build the luxury fashion house Chloe. Chloe luxury fashion house has its headquarters based in Paris, France.

Is Chloe a Top Brand?

Yes, Chloe is one of the top brands and is well-known globally. Chloe is said to have changed the face of fashion with its timeless and exclusive fashion items. Chloe brand goes out of its way to celebrate femininity in a grand style providing a way of fashion escape for women worldwide.

Celebrities have been spotted wearing Chloe clothing – including Sienna Miller, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Katie Holmes.

Somehow, Chloe manages to design fashion items that speak to the soul of their wearers. Like many luxury fashion houses we know and love, the Chloe brand prioritizes materials’ quality in making its products. As far as luxury goes, Chloe earns a spot among top brands in the luxury category of fashion houses.

If you are leaning towards Chloe, you’re not making a mistake – you will find the durable fashion items worth the investment.

What Makes Chloe Brand Known?

Chloe fashion house is known for its impeccable feminine womenswear and cult-loved It bags. More so, the luxury French fashion house is known for playing host to runways that are filled with gorgeous celebrities as supermodels.

However, Chloe is a popular brand that means different things to different people. To you, the brand might be the go-to fashion house for shopping for clothing that would bring out your personality. Chloe is a high-end fashion house that they cannot afford for someone else. Nevertheless, one thing holds for Chloe’s fashion house: the label is a springboard for talented, creative, and famous directors.

Chloe fashion house has been inspiring young, aspirational women since its launch in 2001. The luxury French fashion house is so versatile that it has something for everyone – whatever their style preference.

Is There a Difference Between Chloe and See By Chloe?

Chloe is a luxury fashion house, while See by Chloe is a sister brand. A major difference between Chloe and See by Chloe is that See by Chloe provides more options for younger people. The sister brand to the iconic brand provides the younger age group with updated, everyday styles while maintaining its ultra-feminine aesthetic.

Who is the Head Designer for Chloe Brand?

The head designer for the Chloe brand is the brilliant and creative Uruguay-born and New York-based designer Gabriela Hearst. Gabriela is said to be the first non-European to hold the post of Head Designer in the fashion house. Her appointment was announced in 2020, shortly after Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s, the brand’s previous creative designer, exit was announced.

Gabriela’s craft-forward aesthetic and sustainable bona fides meshed with Chloe’s resulted in magnificent designs, thus sealing the Head Designer deal.


Chloe is an iconic French luxury fashion house especially loved for the ideal femininity of its clothing. Gaby Aghion joined forces with another creative mind, Jacques Lenoir, to create a fashion brand based on ultra-feminine aesthetics.

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