Is Celine Luggage Bag Still in Style?

The luggage tote is one of Celine’s most iconic bags of all time. It is undeniably one of the most timeless designer bags. The iconic bag hit the fashion market in 2010; it took the world by storm then and still is now.

Celine’s world-famous creative designer, Phoebe Philo, herself designed the luggage tote. However, it didn’t have the instant hit as expected. Instead, this exotic fashion statement took a minute to gather momentum and then became a favorite among fashion celebrities and elites.

As soon as the fashion world got wind of this amazing creation, the bag became a staple for significant fashion enthusiasts.

The Luggage Bag is a staple for Celine, one that was reimagined season after season to keep it in style.

Is the Celine Luggage Bag a Timeless or Dated Bag?

After Phoebe Philo designed the Luggage Tote, the bag’s success didn’t start immediately. It took a while, but the bag eventually became a go-to for fashion celebrities, elites, and everyday fashion collectors.

The bag would continue being Celine’s staple bag for years as the brand reimagines it season after season.

Each reimagining features numerous iterations covering different fabrics, leathers, and almost all the colors in existence.

The Celine bag is still in production today, although Phoebe Philo has exited the brand since 2017. The luggage bag was easy to access in stores online when it was first launched until it wasn’t.

The bag gained attention from various categories of bag lovers; everyone wanted a piece, and the bag became sold out.

Over ten years after its release, the Luggage Tote is still part of Celine’s lineup, which is pretty impressive.

It’s no small matter for a bag to stay in shape and style for ten years. The Luggage Bag, featuring an easy-to-wear shape with top handles, remains relevant to fashion and style.

However, the bag’s style depends on preference; while we think the bag is still in style, some believe it’s dated. If you were never a fan of the Celine Luggage Bag or got over the dream, you’ll probably find it out of style.

Top Celine Bags to Invest In

Celine totes have always been considered the ultimate investment fashion pieces because of their minimalist aesthetic and timeless designs. However, while we love all Celine bags, we’ve got to say some make that fashion statement better than others.

Phoebe Philo is credited for much of Celine’s bags’ successes, which even her absence cannot change. The creative director’s bags remain in high demand even today, although her departure brought about increases in her designs.

Below are top, attention-worthy Celine bags that you can invest in today:

  • Luggage Bag: Costing between $2,100 and $3,100, Celine’s Luggage tote is one of the brand’s most recognizable brands. The bag is an industry icon and a cult favorite among handbag lovers and collectors, including celebrities. Featuring a distinctive winged silhouette, a front zipper, and two handles, the bag remains sought-after even after over a decade.

  • Classic Box Tote: Costing between $3,100 and $7,500, the Celine Classic Tote Bag is one of the must-have bags from Celine. The Box Bag has been a quintessential part of Celine’s bag lineup and a re-designed classic from the brand’s 70’s archives. The bag came into fashion in 2011, also designed by Phoebe Philo, and is a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

  • Triomphe Bag: The Triomphe Bag is one of Hedi Slimane’s most outstanding creations since he became the brand’s new creative director. His coming saw to the incorporation of more heritage elements in Celine totes, paying tribute to the brand’s Parisian roots. The Triomphe bag features an iconic emblem that’s been used across the Celine brand since the 70s. The bag features a gorgeous silhouette that will always make fashion statements and never go out of style.

How Can You Authenticate the Original Celine Luggage Tote?

A new Celine customer will find some difficulty navigating through the sea of the luxury bag offers when shopping. But, you must understand that a bag being expensive doesn’t mean it’s what you’re looking for.

Knockoffs must keep their appearance, and hiking prices like their authentic counterparts is one of the ways to do that. You can use these methods to authenticate the Celine Luggage Tote to ensure you have the real thing.

  • The bag is likely fake if it is too shiny, has a golden finish, and has square edges. An original Celine Luggage Bag has rusty-looking hardware with an antique-like finish and silver and gold-tone. Check the metal on the bag; it should be solid and high-quality, not wobbly, and looking like it’ll come off soon. 

  • The authentic Celine Luggage has a digit between the zip’s teeth indicating the size. Knockoffs either have no marks, or they carry letters, not numbers.

  • Original Celine Luggage has regular zippers with no marks; if you see “Lampo” or “R Ri,” you’re likely holding a knockoff.

Are Celine Handbags Any Good?

Celine handbags are some of the fashion industry’s most iconic classics. Owning a Celine bag is not only about owning luxury; you also own culture and heritage.

The brand loves to incorporate its Parisian roots in its handbag lineups, so you know you’re getting high fashion. As far as Celine is concerned, if the material isn’t of the best quality, it doesn’t deserve the title “fashion.”

Celine handbags are known for their exotic and timeless designs. Each Celine classic comes in different materials, including high-quality leather.

The bags’ durability is such that you can use them for years without seeing tears or disfiguring. In addition, Celine handbags are known to hold form and shape for a long time and endure long-term usage.

Celine is an excellent place to look if you’ve got money to spend on high-end fashion handbags. As far as style goes, the Celine brand has something for everyone, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.


The Celine Luggage Bag is an iconic fashion statement handbag that has been in fashion for over ten years. Although over a decade old, the bag is still in style and goes nicely with any outfit.

The bag is one of Phoebe Philo’s creations, designed to dictate the trends and stay in fashion years after.

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