Is Celine Belt Bag Worth It?

Celine seems to derive pleasure in taking the world by storm with its magnificent creations.

First, the brand released the covetable Luggage Tote and, while the world was yet to recover, the Trapeze Bag. Then came the Celine Belt Bag; this has been the reigning piece in the last few years.

The Belt Bag has been worn by numerous bloggers, celebrities, and every fashion enthusiast who can afford it.

The Celine Belt Bag is a beautiful fashion piece, but one that’ll definitely take a big chunk of your bank account. The good news is that you’ll use the bag for years, so it’s worth spending that much money over.

Celine’s Belt Bag is a great investment piece, and we are going to show you why and how.

What Are the Merits of Celine Belt Bag?

Celine Belt Bag features a timeless design, meaning it doesn’t go out of fashion years after purchase. It features exquisite, clean lines and comes in several neutral colors that perfectly match any outfit.

In addition, the iconic fashion piece comes in different sizes, including pico, nano, micro, and mini, with a similar design, outstanding craftsmanship, and quality. The medium-sized Belt Bag fits just about everything you need for a day out but is not big enough for your laptop.

The medium size of the Celine Bag is great for everyday use, with enough space for certain valuables. Unlike the larger size, the medium-sized Belt Bag has a top handle and strap, giving you different wearing options.

The bag’s hardware and details are gold, including the feet on its bottom, keeping the bag clean when you set it down. The Belt Bag is a classic, timeless fashion piece that’s easy to wear, carry, and worth the investment.

Celine launched the Belt Bag in 2015; it didn’t garner the success it has now immediately. It took the fashion world a while to see Phoebe Philo’s vision and embrace the bag’s design; now, it is one of Celine’s “It” bags.

Only the Pico and Nano Belt Bags come with a strap and can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Celine Nano vs. Micro Belt Bag

The Nano Belt Bag is smaller than the micro; the Nano is the second smallest after the pico. The Nano Belt Bag has incredible functionality with its top handle, flap, zippered top, and long shoulder strap.

It is the proper size if you’re not looking for a big bag that’ll hold your laptop and large files. The Micro Belt Bag is a bit too large, especially if you have a small body frame.

The enormous size of the Micro Belt Bag makes it too big to be worn as a crossbody bag, not best for when you only need essentials. Plus, its larger size also means it uses more leather, meaning it is heavier than the Nano.

On the other hand, the Nano bag has featured some improvements, like the strap that gives you more wearing options – crossbody or over the shoulder. Meanwhile, the micro isn’t adjustable, and the strap may be too long to wear over the shoulder. 

If you want pockets and compartments, the micro Belt Bag is the right fit for you; the Nano has none. However, the bag’s absence of pockets and compartments contributes to its lightweight size.

The best improvement on the Nano is the magnetic round clasp that makes for easy closing, rather than the fussy clip on the micro.

Other Bags Worth Investing In

Besides the Celine Belt Bag, the brand has several other bag designs that are investment pieces. The brand has never run out of iconic bags and timeless pieces, so it has several options for fashion enthusiasts.

Below are three other Celine bags worth investing in besides the Belt Bag;

  • Luggage Bag: The Celine Luggage Bag is an investment-worthy handbag and one of Celine’s “It” bags. It comes in different tote sizes, including Nano, Micro, Mini, and Phantom; the Phantom is discontinued. Only the Nano Luggage bag comes with a strap to wear as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

  • Box Bag: The Box Bag is one of the most timeless and gorgeous fashion pieces the brand offers. Celine’s Box Bag is a true classic that will be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. The brand first introduced the bag in the 70s; it has maintained its classic shape, although there have been modifications. It is an iconic, classic bag and one you should have in your corner.

  • Celine 16: Celine 16 is a jaw-dropping, awe-striking classic from Celine with an edgy but classic design. It comes in different sizes, including smaller sizes for petite frames and larger ones. The Celine 16 bag may very well be the most exciting bag with a steep price tag and worse investing in.

Is Celine Belt Bag High Quality?

If you’re familiar with Celine’s products, you know that quality is one of the things the brand doesn’t joke with. Celine’s Belt Bag features the same impressive quality as its other products.

The brand is all about preaching its culture and heritage through its iconic fashion pieces. “Quality” is relative when it comes to designer items; you can be talking about materials, craftsmanship, or style.

Celine’s Belt Bag features excellent quality all-round, including the materials, style, and craftsmanship. Although Phoebe Philo is famed for bringing the most success to the brand, the brand continues to be iconic even in his absence.

Celine comes out on top when compared with even the iconic Chanel brand. You can see the hip, trendy, and revamped classic style synonymous with the Celine brand on the Belt Bag.

Celine is designed to suit the tastes of younger generations, featuring a high-quality and stylish build. The Celine Belt Bag also features the iconic durability of Celine handbags, which is their most endearing quality.


The Celine Belt Bag is one of the brand’s “It” bags, expensive but worth investing in. The bag comes in different sizes suited for various purposes, including Nano and Micro.

The Pico is the smallest size, while the Phantom, now discontinued, is the largest size. The Belt Bag makes a great bag if you’re looking for a highly-functional fashion piece that combines style with usefulness.

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