Is Bvlgari a Luxury Brand?

The Bvlgari brand is an Italian luxury fashion brand that offers remarkable quality fashion pieces. The brand is known for making high-quality and reliable timepieces – one of the reasons they are called luxury. However, Bvlgari is among the most underrated where watch brands are concerned. Bvlgari watches are good-quality, and you can easily see this on them.

Is Bvlgari an Expensive Brand?

Bvlgari is an expensive brand costing several thousands of dollars, and for good reasons. Sometimes, a brand puts outrageous price tags on their fashion products, but you don’t see why because they are low-quality. However, Bvlgari products are justifiably expensive.

For example, the watches speak of the brand’s horological origins, using semi-precious stones in their jewelry. In addition, their products are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Finally, Bvlgari watches are beautiful pieces produced under the Bvlgari name. The brand itself makes every component of its watches.

Is Bvlgari Worth It?

Bvlgari makes steady timepieces that don’t stay trendy no matter how long you use them. The brand’s craftsmanship is out of this world; they’ve won awards many times. The watches are exquisite and would beautify any wrist.

The brand is most famous for its in-house calibres; they hold a record of being the thinnest designs ever designed. The thinness of the calibres, nonetheless, the watches offer impressive functionality.

Bvlgari watches feature complex technological functions like the GMT, chronograph, or tourbillon. The Bvlgari brand has always created iconic and spectacular watch models.

Has Bvlgari Watches Evolved Over the Years?

The Bvlgari brand started with jewelry design and branched into watchmaking. The brand went from being a small and insignificant jewelry watchmaker to being a highly valued modern timepiece creators. The Bvlgari brand started in a shop in Rome in 1984, opening its flagship boutique in Via Condotti. The shop is still the brand’s emblematic store.

The first collection of Bvlgari watches was created with semiprecious stones in 1920; they were created from Roman antiquity. However, the watches did not become popular until twenty years later, in 1940. The brand began emerging in 1960, with compact shapes and distinctive colors endearing the public.

Bvlgari Roma was launched in 1975, and the Bvlgari Bvlgari emblem was born in 1977. In 2004, the brand developed its first grand complication watch featuring an in-house tourbillon movement.

The brand adopted a vertical manufacturing approach in 2010, introduced the Octo collection in 2012, and launched LVCEA in 2014. Finally, it became the world’s thinnest minute repeater in 2016.

Is Bvlgari a Respected Brand?

Bvlgari has always been a respected brand since its inception in 1884. The years have not changed that; they are still much loved and appreciated in the watch industry. Moreover, the brand’s use of luxurious colored stones gives them an edge against fellow watch brands.

Furthermore, Bvlgari is respected for their fine quality and how their watches are made with diligent attention to detail.


The Bvlgari brand is an Italian luxury known for producing fashion items with remarkable quality. Their timepieces are high-quality and reliable; the quality of their watches is visible on them. Despite being an underrated timepiece company, Bvlgari remains a respected brand with an over-100-year-old legacy.

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