Is Burberry Worth It?

For many of us, justifying a fashion splurge can be hard – Even if we have the funds to do so. As fall is in full swing, it seems that everyone is modelling that one iconic Burberry piece. Defining elegance and class for decades, you’ve probably heard, or seen, at least one person rave about the coveted trench coats. Although, if you’ve ever scrolled through the luxury brand’s site, you know that some of the heavy price tags are hard to swallow. 

With an average purchase from Burberry being in the thousands, and the fast fashion market is flooded with cheap lookalike products, is Burberry really worth the spend? Before you make any large purchase, it’s important to do your research. 

If you’re wanting a product that is durable and timeless, Burberry is definitely worth trying out. Here are some of the reasons why the label will outlast the rest. 

Burberry – Made to last a lifetime 

While many people might consider a Burberry investment majorly overpriced, there’s a lot that goes into the making of products to ensure they’re worth every penny. 

Take the trench-coats for example. True to the brand’s heritage, all of their trench coats are made in Britain. The process to make the Burberry staple includes 120 steps and takes an average of six and a half hours to complete. The craftsmen involved in constructing the coat actually have to train for a year beforehand as the process is highly-complex – The collars of the coat alone are hand-stitched on with over 180 stitches. 

Aside from the intricate crafting process, the material choice for Burberry’s products contributes to the wear and durability. Thomas Burberry innovated gabardine in 1879, a tightly woven cotton known to repel water, the material is still at the heart of the brand today. The lightweight material is used in making the trench-coats and cheaper alternatives on the market just won’t compare to the quality of Burberry’s products. 

Burberry’s Complimentary Alteration Service

Finding an investment piece that fits perfection can be difficult. If you’ve found a product you love, but aren’t so sure about the fit, Burberry offers a complimentary alteration service. The free service is available on all full-priced products within three months of service. All alterations are measured and pinned precisely to ensure a seamless fit.

The alteration service is available on products bought beyond the three-month timeframe, however, incur an alteration fee.

Luxury Aftercare Service

It’s completely natural for clothes, shoes and accessories to gather wear and tear over the years. Burberry offers a product aftercare service enabling consumers to extend the life of their treasured items. 

The services are available at Burberry stores only and include reproofing of trench coats, replacement of missing parts and general repairs. Burberry also offers a complimentary leather restoration service on all their bags – A service that would acquire a hefty charge elsewhere. 


If you’re the type of person that buys new clothes every season, you’re probably looking at spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year on throw-away fashion.  

Burberry’s products are known for their timeless designs that can slide seamlessly into a capsule wardrobe. A factor that makes a high-ticket purchase a lot easier is the cost-per-wear ratio. This is a methodology of breaking down the initial price of an item by how many times it’s going to be worn.

An average Burberry trench coat is $2,100 and tends to hold in the wearers’ wardrobe for 10+ years. That means that the coat technically costs $200 per year, which is less than $1 a day. When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound too bad. 

Burberry’s Committed to Sustainability and Social Change

With sustainability at the forefront of global news, more of us are becoming actively conscious of what we buy and who we are buying from. Burberry is actively working to become more conscious, aiming to transform the fashion industry’s response to climate change and worker rights. 

The brand designs their product with their sustainability ambitions in mind, to ensure products are consciously crafted in order to minimise global environmental impact. The collections feature high-quality sustainable materials and aim to ensure 100% of their key materials are traceable by 2025.

The brand has been transparent about caring for and safeguarding their workers. The brand works closely with their supply chain partners and believe that everyone should have access to fair and responsible employment. Burberry is a part of The Living Wage Foundation, which aims to provide a global living wage standard.


Taking everything into consideration, is Burberry worth it?

If you’re looking for a sustainably sourced, durable and timelessly designed product, then Burberry is definitely worth the high price point. Their complimentary alterations and repair services add to the longevity of the products and ensure your investment will be treasured for a lifetime. 

Just remember, when you’re paying such a high price, it goes beyond just what you see on the shelf. The crafting process is highly complex and takes proficient individuals to construct each product. It’s definitely better to invest in one high-quality product than a handful of cheaper alternatives.

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