Is Burberry a Luxury Brand?

Burberry is a luxury brand and not the affordable kind. Several factors are considered before a brand is termed “luxury.” In the fashion industry, luxury is synonymous with high-quality materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and high price tags, especially. Some brands fall off the luxury wagon or go below deck because they’re affordable; Burberry doesn’t.

Is Burberry Expensive?

Burberry is among the most expensive luxury fashion brands you’d find in the industry. But that’s okay, considering they put their products where their prices are. Sometimes, you spend a lot of money on an outrageously-priced fashion item and wonder if you haven’t made a mistake.

Burberry is expensive because it uses the best quality materials for its products. Therefore, rest assured that what you paid for is what you’ll get – probably even more.

Purchasing Burberry means purchasing luxury, and that’s got to be high. Moreover, Burberry items carry an aura of pricelessness, which every owner feels when they wear them. Their products are luxury in the real sense of the word.

Where is Burberry Produced?

Burberry is produced in England, Scotland, China, France, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Korea, and Germany. It produces different fashion items in different places. For example, one category of makeup collections is made in Korea, while perfumes are made in Germany and Monaco.

The brand also produces perfumes, makeup, and sandals in Spain and France. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the cheapest (well, as cheap as a luxury brand like Burberry can be) wears, look for those made in China.

Most Burberry’s items are manufactured in Italy and, perhaps, China. The China-made items have “imported” rather than “made from,” so it’s hard to tell.

Does Burberry Provide Exclusivity and Status?

Burberry’s fashion items make their wearers feel special, which is why they buy them. Many people lose interest in fashion items when they’re too common or too readily available. They’d rather have a one-of-a-kind product that not very many people can afford.

Think about it; if you owned an item over fifty percent of the world’s population cannot afford, you’d feel pretty special. Well, that’s the deal with Burberry items.

Moreover, there is no question about the level of Burberry’s items’ quality. To combine quality with exclusivity and status; that’s a true deal-breaker. People love status and exclusivity so much that they’re willing to spend anything to have Burberry’s fashion items. Burberry would rather burn and destroy unsold items than hang on to them and lose their exclusivity label. This is one of the reasons Burberry is so expensive.

Is Burberry High Quality?

Burberry uses the highest quality of materials for its fashion items. For example, the brand uses cashmere and wool for its most expensive trench coats. The cheaper ones are made of cotton or polyester; by “cheap,” we’re still taking in the thousands.

In addition, the Burberry brand manufactures its scarves using high-quality materials like cashmere, wool, or silk. Burberry clients know they’re buying quality when purchasing any of the brand’s fashion items.


Burberry is as luxurious as they come; the brand is among the most luxurious fashion brands in the industry. “Luxury,” in the fashion industry, is not all-encompassing; that is, there are different levels of luxury. Burberry belongs to the top-tier luxury group.

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