Is Bulova a Luxury Watch Brand?

Bulova is generally not considered a luxury watch brand, but that depends on who you ask. For instance, some people say it deserves the luxury title because of its long-standing reputation for innovation and quality craftsmanship. Meanwhile, some say Bulova watches are too affordable to be called luxury fashion items.

Is Bulova High End?

This question has a debatable answer: while some say Bulova is high-end, some say it is not. Bulova is one of the oldest watch industries globally; it was founded in Queens, New York, in 1875, by Joseph Bulova. Later in 2007, the brand was sold to a Japanese conglomerate, Citizen. As far as craftsmanship and quality go, Bulova can stand among hundreds of high-end watch brands.

Bulova is more commonly referred to as an entry-level luxury brand; it cannot be compared with Breitling or Rolex. Nevertheless, Bulova is an excellent brand as far as high-end watches go; their prices are great, and you get a run for your money.

Is Bulova Watch Expensive?

Bulova watches are not expensive, at least not like Rolex. Moreover, Bulova watches are generally sold by retailers, and discounts are announced once in a while. This is something brands like Breitling would never do and could be why they are disqualified from being called luxury. However, we cannot deny that Bulova makes some outstanding watches that you can proudly wear anywhere.

Despite their low prices, Bulova watches feature a surprising level of quality in their watches, giving the world numerous timeless designs to choose from.

How Can You Spot a Fake Bulova Watch?

If you’re not sure the Bulova watch in your hand is authentic, here’s how to be sure:

  • There should not be a flaw on the watch; spellings should be correct and lettering, quality. Also, a real Bulova watch comes with a separate plastic bag containing extra pins and links. Fake Bulova watches will usually have all the links on the watch.
  • An authentic Bulova watch comes with a pillow or displayed; if you see the pillow’s stitching, you’re dealing with a fake Bulova.
  • The subdial on a real Bulova watch is recessed lower than the main dial.
  • The logo icon of a real Bulova watch is reflective with a 3D outlook; counterfeits usually have them boringly printed.

Which Bulova Watch is the Most Expensive?

The most expensive watch the Bulova brand has ever produced is the Joseph Bulova collection. The first edition 24-karat gold watch Joseph Bulova Collection was released in early 2015. There are only 32 pieces of these exquisite timepieces available, and they are sold at $42,000. Bulova watches are generally unique in their own way and come in an extraordinary capsule form that combines attraction with functionality.

In addition, the purity of the Joseph Bulova collection was certified pure and fine by the Bureau Central du Contrôles des Métaux Précieux. Bulova has a watch for every profession, and you just might find the right one for you.


Bulova is not considered a luxury watch brand, but luxury is subject to preference. While some say Bulova deserves the luxury title because of its longstanding legacy, others say it is too affordable to be a luxury.

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