Is Bulova a Luxury Brand?

Bulova falls into the category of luxury brands in the fashion industry, so, yes, it is a luxury watch brand. However, there are different categories of luxury brands, including entry-level, middle, and high-level brands. Bulova is an entry-level brand; the brand is sometimes not considered a luxury brand.

Is Bulova High-End?

Bulova is not high-end; its watches are not pricey enough to be high-end. Bulova watches cost around $100 as opposed to the thousands of dollars brands like Rolex cost. A watch has to be at least $2,000 before its brand can be tagged ‘high end.’

Bulova belongs to the entry-level category of luxury brands in the fashion industry. This category of luxury brands is the lowest in the industry. Entry-level luxury brands rank just above the premium segment and are not usually recognized as members of the luxury segment. Bulova is in the same category as Hugo Boss and Mercedes brands.

Is Bulova a Respected Brand?

Yes, Bulova is a respected luxury watch brand, even if it isn’t popular. Bulova may not be as mentioned as brands like Rolex, but it is a well-respected brand, without question. The Bulova watch brand is respected for its amazing 140-year history of creating extraordinary and brilliant timepieces. Some of the brand’s timepieces have given the brand a level of recognition, thereby impacting it for good.

How to Authenticate a Real Bulova Watch

Although Bulova may not be as valuable as Omega or Rolex, it is also counterfeited. There are a lot of knockoffs in the market that look real enough to fool a new Bulova lover. To be sure you aren’t being scammed, you should authenticate the watch to know if it is really Bulova’s. Bulova watches can be authenticated in the following ways:

  1. You should see “Bulova,” “Precisionist,” or “Accutron” somewhere on the face of the watch. These other names are the different series of Bulova watches.
  2. Check the back of the watch and look for asterisks, engraved codes, digits containing the year the watch was produced.
  3. Real Bulova watches are full of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles; watch out for these.
  4. A common way to tell an authentic watch to the fake is through the weight; original ones are typically heavier. Bulova watches weigh as much as 260 grams; there is no way that is light! If the watch you are holding is light, you might want to give it back because it is not a real Bulova watch.

Where is Bulova Made?

Bulova watches are made in Biel, Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong. However, Bulova headquarters is located in New York, which is why many believe Bulova is made in the USA. Only warranty claim repairs on Bulova watches are done in the USA – and that’s it


Bulova is classified as a luxury brand based on the luxury brand categories. However, fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts do not see it as one. Bulova belongs to the entry-level category of luxury brands which are generally a little above the premium segment. Bulova watches are, however, considered luxury timepieces.

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