Is Brooks Brothers a Luxury Brand?

Brooks Brothers is an over-two-centuries old luxury brand known for its intimidating suits and high-quality clothing. The fashion brand is the oldest in the American fashion industry. In all the time Brooks Brothers brand has existed, it has shaped the course of menswear and overall American style. 

Is Brooks Brothers High Quality?

Brooks Brothers brand has always been known for their quality, conservative products, which are manufactured in the United States. The brand is over two hundred years old, outfitting forty out of forty-five American presidents. The fashion brand has, in many ways, served to democratize style and make clothes more affordable and accessible for most people.

However, it has experienced some changes over the years, some good and some bad. The brand’s quality has reportedly reduced over time, with some production being moved overseas. However, this is a common story where men’s fashion is concerned. Regardless, Brooks Brothers brand is still good quality, and their products are known to be durable.

Brooks Brothers brand was popular among high-standing people, presidents, royals, and celebrities alike. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was said to have been one of the brand’s most famous customers. History has it that he was assassinated with a Brooks Brothers suit on.

The brand was also known to have made uniforms for the Union Army in its early days. However, this was when quality wool was scarce, and the brand had to use shoddy materials that did not last.

However, as fashion evolved and clothing became more and more casual for most, Big Brothers’ classic staples have gotten less popular. Still, the brand has been a staple for American menswear for decades, for which they deserve respect.

Where is Brooks Brothers Clothing Made?

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Seventy percent of Brooks Brothers suits are currently produced in Massachusetts, and about ten percent are produced in North Carolina. Meanwhile, all the brand’s ties are manufactured in New York City. The brand has been manufacturing clothes in the United States since its inception in 1818.

Brooks Brothers brand has recently reduced production abroad and increased it in the United States. The brand bought and refurbished the Southwick suit factory in Massachusetts in 2007 in addition to the other two American factories it owns.

Since the upgrade in 2007, Brooks Brothers brand has hired more people and provided more jobs. The brand now has over one thousand employees producing the brand’s line in the United States.

Is Brooks Brothers Good for Suits?

Brooks Brothers brand is known for its versatile, classic, and stylish suits. Their suits obey a universally-accepted rule in the fashion world with their charcoal color. You can wear their suits on black and brown leather; it doesn’t wash out or fade.

Brooks Brothers have set a standard for American menswear, and their suits reflect this. Their conservative, versatile, and flattering materials make them one of a kind.


Brooks Brothers brand is an old brand that produces luxury clothing and high-quality fashion items. Brooks brand’s influence on American menswear is one the industry has yet to recover from. It is one that the American industry will not forget for a long time.

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