Is Breitling a Luxury Watch?

Breitling is a luxury watch brand and one of the most famous in the world. The brand is known for its iconic “B” logo surrounded by wings and its close affiliation with the aviation world. Breitling timepieces feature an exquisite, sturdy build that hangs nicely on a wearer’s wrist. The brand has been making statements with its watches since the 19th century.

Are Breitling Watches Affordable?

Breitling watches are Swiss luxury timepieces with excellent quality; high-quality watches will surely cost a fortune. While Breitling doesn’t cost a fortune, it sure is more than the average fashion lover can afford.

One of the reasons Breitling is a luxury watch brand is because of its high price tags, asides from the quality, of course.

It is okay to be wary of expensive watches because, well, they sometimes prove to be a waste of investment.

However, Breitling watches live up to their price tags – that you can count on. Breitling prices will give you a run for your money with ranges ranging from medium to high.

Did Breitling Invent Self-Winding Chronographs?

Although other watch brands use a self-winding chronograph, Breitling is credited with its invention.

Breitling watches were the first chronograph watches to go into space. Malcolm Scott Carpenter, an astronaut, wore a Breitling watch in 1962 on his mission on the Aurora 7 space capsule. Breitling added a 24-hour dial to aid astronauts in distinguishing between day and night.

Its self-winding chronograph was invented in 1969; it was huge and contributed to the success of the Swiss watch industry. 

Breitling invented the chronograph, and that’s what it is mostly known for. It produced a digital chronograph in 1985 that introduced new features and made the brand popular among pilots.

Why Do People Love Breitling Watches?

There are many reasons why people love watches, including their sustainability, quality, extravagance, and classiness, to mention a few. The label, “Made by Breitling,” carries much weight, with the brand being one of the world’s leading luxury watch manufacturers.

Also, people love the brand for its impressive chronographs, the invention that launched Breitling’s legendary success. In addition, another fascinating fact about Breitling is its affiliation with the aviation industry. Breitling watches were said to have revolutionized the aviation world.

Furthermore, the incredible durability of Breitling watches is one thing we cannot but mention. If you need a reliable and durable watch to pass down to your posterity, Breitling watches are it.

How is Breitling’s Quality?

The quality of Breitling watches is, in one word, top-notch. For the kind of reputation Breitling has, it must mean that the brand has done some good, excellent things. The raw materials used in producing the watches are sourced from trusted suppliers.

The quality of Breitling watches is such that they don’t fade or faint; you practically use them until you are tired. Although the Breitling brand has had some struggles, it made it through those struggles without getting burned.


Breitling is among the world’s leading and preferred watch brands in the industry. Several things make the watch brand stand out, including its logo, chronograph, and affiliation with the aviation industry.

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