Is Brahmin A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Brahmin is an American luxury brand that produces high-quality handbags – and they come with a high price tag. You can’t mention luxury handbag manufacturing brands without mentioning brands like Brahmin.

Brahmin handbags are highly fashionable, versatile, and made with high-quality materials. These carefully handcrafted luxury bags are produced in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Who Manufactures Brahmin Bags?

Brahmin bags are handcrafted by highly respected artisans in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and made from the finest leathers from Italy. Since the brand’s inception in 1882, it has served Boston’s luxury bag lovers with some of the most timeless and impeccable bags and purses.

Joan and Bill Martin started this family-owned luxury bag brand, which has since had its headquarters in Massachusetts. However, through its 39 years of undeniable growth, it started manufacturing some of its products in China. Brahmin also has many outlets within and outside the United States. 

Why Are Brahmin Bags So Expensive?

Brahmin, over the years, has lived up to its name and hasn’t given its consumers any reason to doubt its capabilities or the worth of its products.

Brahmin bags and purses are expensive because they should be. Each Brahmin product undergoes a rigorous and detailed process of production. For instance, each of its bags and purses is intricately designed by more than 24 craftsmen through a minimum of 100 steps. This close attention to detail ensures that each bag comes out looking nothing less than a luxury.

Another reason why these bags are quite pricey is that they are manufactured from the best-quality Italian leather and animal skin. For instance, several Brahmin bags are made using real crocodile skin. This contributes to their impeccable feel, designs, and sturdiness. These bags can last more than ten years for you and still look very stylish. While they may be quite on the high side, they are definitely worth the money. 

How To Determine If a Brahmin Bag is Fake Or Authentic?

Counterfeiters and wannabes have become so good at imitating luxury brands like Brahmin that new buyers or even old ones may get easily cheated. Knowing how to spot the original Brahmin from the fake one can save you the stress of buying fake bags. Here’s how to determine if a Brahmin bag is fake or not:

  • Check for the official registration card that comes with every original Brahmin bag. The company offers a two-year warranty to its customers. If you can’t find this card, you can’t have access to this warranty, and you are most likely dealing with a fake.
  • Inspect the leather properly to know if it is made with Italian leather and aniline finishing. Genuine Brahmin bags have unique colors with inconsistent patterns. They also have thick finishing done with heavy-duty nylon that makes them durable.
  • Look out for the logo or brand name. Authentic Brahmin bags often come with the logo or “Brahmin,” engraved on a brass medal.
  • The stitching is another way to tell if the bag is original or not. Genuine Brahmin stitching is tight and even unlike the fake ones that are slanted and uneven.
  • Check the price, too; if it is too good to be true, then it is probably fake—the most expensive Brahmin bag costs around $600 and the least, around $200.


You can’t mention luxurious handbag brands without mentioning Brahmin bags. This American luxury brand has maintained its watchword of integrity by consistently providing its customers with stylish, fairly affordable, and sturdy products. Brahmin bags are most definitely designer bags made for people who value luxury.

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