Is Botkier a Luxury Brand?

Botkier products embody luxury and high fashion, but not in the way the world perceives luxury brands. The brand is an independent designer accessories brand that became popular through its defined contemporary bags. Botkier redefined the contemporary world with its accessory handbag designs, becoming a respected name in the fashion industry.

Is Botkier a Good Brand?

Botkier is a good brand; it is widely recognized for its contributions to the accessory design world. Botkier’s designs gave it a spot among the esteemed Council Fashion Designers of America. In addition, Botkier is known for its collaboration with charitable organizations like Michelle Trachtenberg, Lake Bell, Minnie Driver, and Joy Bryant to design pieces befitting Oxfam. Also, it collaborated with John Baldassi to support the art organization Independent Curators International.

Also, Botkier spends much of her time encouraging and mentoring young female entrepreneurs, sharing her story, and being a source of inspiration. The Botkier brand is recognized for excellence and high quality.

Do Celebrities Wear Botkier?

Botkier designs are a favorite among celebrities and fashion icons. The brand’s bags and shoes have been seen on the world’s most popular and recognized women. The likes of Angelina Jolie, Gigi Hadid, Coco Rocha, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Naomi Watts, and Bella, to name a few. The Botker brand has featured in pages of top magazines like Vogue, New York Times, Elle, Instyle, and Marie Claire, to mention a few.

Asides from being a success in the fashion industry, the brand’s owner have been recognized by her peers for her input in business leadership. Botkier fashion items are iconic and a delightful bunch that nicely complement any fashion wardrobe.

What is Botkier Known For?

Botkier is mostly known for her fashion accessories. However, it also produces shoes, jewelry, small leather goods, and several celebrity collaborations such as the Botkier X CocoRocha collection. The brand’s designs are known for luxury, which they embody through impeccable detailing, impressive quality, and innovation. The brand also focuses on functionality at the same time.

Nevertheless, the brand is not only known for its fashion items. More than the items, Botkier engages in some photography adventures. For instance, Monica, the brand’s owner, has created and shot much of Botkier’s campaigns with her photography and art direction background.

Who Founded Botkier?

Monica Botkier is the founder of Botkier; she is a quintessential New Yorker with a passion for arts and creativity. Monica Botkier was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York; she ascribes her inspiration to the city. She studied photography at New York University and began working as a photographer in fashion. For example, she shot several editorials and campaigns for Mademoiselle.

Monica fell in love with a bag silhouette on one of the campaigns. Soon enough, she began sketching bags; she created what is termed her dream bag in the first months of 2003. The bag was referred to as the Trigger bag and was said to have been inspired by her busy, downtown life. This bag gained an immediate following and became the bag that launched a fashion industry.


Botkier is a luxury brand known for its contemporary brand accessories. The Botkier brand is the first independent designer accessories brand made popular through its contemporary handbags.

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