Is Ben Sherman A Luxury Brand?

No, Ben Sherman is not considered a luxury brand.

Ben Sherman is a popular UK-based designer brand for its comfortable but finely designed clothing for men. The brand was initially available in fashionable cities and is now available worldwide. Ben Sherman’s fashionable pieces have been featured in popular fashion magazines like GQ and Vogue Homme. Its casual designs are sought after by Hollywood stars and other prominent British celebrities.

Who Owns Ben Sherman?

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The brand, Ben Sherman, was founded by Authur Benjamin Sugarman in 1963. It initially started as a shirt factory in 21 Bedford Square, Brighton, in 1963. By 1965, a new line, Ben Sherman’s originals, which was inspired by the imported Oxford-collared American Button-down shirts, was created. Although produced by popular brands like Hathaway and Arrow, these shirts didn’t stand a chance against Ben Sherman’s originals for long because of his outstanding quality and exceptional stitching.

While this brand continued to grow, Authur Benjamin retired early and sold his brand. However, his legacy continued to stand strong even as the company passed down from one hand to another.

In 2015, after a long period of struggling, the brand was eventually bought by a private-equity backed-up brand, Marquee Brands.

Is Ben Sherman a Good Brand?

This is a well-known brand that has endured the test of time. For over 50 years, it has continued to manufacture excellent quality products. Ben Sherman is well-known in the United Kingdom as a stylish, fashionable, and top-quality brand. 

The brand has always been known for two things; quality and style and has maintained this till now. Therefore, if you are a sucker for stylish but high-quality clothes, Ben Sherman is the brand for you.

Although made with top-quality products, its clothing is sold at very affordable prices. The brand’s shoes are also comfortable, of great quality, and incredibly stylish.

Ben Sherman is known for its innovative designs, form-fitting styles, unique and colorful designs. Ben Sherman as a brand has made a statement in the fashion world and remains an iconic brand. While the brand is old, its pieces and designs are timeless, and it has strived to maintain excellence over time.

How to Spot a fake Ben Sherman Shirt

You get to enjoy that distinctive style and quality of Ben Sherman shirts when it is original. This is, however, not the case when you purchase a fake one. To spot a fake Ben Sherman Shirt, you need to be very observant:

  • Check for the logo; if it looks strange or different from the original one, the shirt is fake. 
  • Inspect the stitches to know if they are poorly done or stitched well into the clothes.
  • Feel the texture of the clothes to know if it is soft. Ben Sherman shirts are usually soft, not coarse, and of outstanding quality.


Ben Sherman is considered a designer clothing brand known for its iconic products. The UK-based brand is all about quality, style, and innovative designs. Ben Sherman’s products are so exceptional that Hollywood celebs and other major British celebrities are fans of its casual designs.

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