Is Bcbg A Luxury Brand?

Bcbg is a European luxury brand that meets with the key identifiers of a luxury brand. It offers high-quality products at very high prices, and these products are exclusive and prestigious. So if you are looking for that luxurious, classy yet conservative look, then Bcbg is just the brand for you.

What Does Bcbg Stand For?

Bcbg is a Parisian expression that stands for bonne chic and bonne genre and truly speaks for the style and design of this brand. It simply means a good style and good attitude when translated to English. The brand is creative and more in tune with the fashion demands of the younger generation.

Bcbg was started in 1989 by Tunisian designer Max Azria. The brand is known for reflecting powerful and confident styles through its designs. Bcbg is the brand for mothers, models, career women, and any woman with a strong sense of self. The brand offers a true blend of European refinement and American energy.

Is Bcbg A Good Brand?

Bcbg offers the latest fashion combination for women. The clothes are not only beautiful but made of high-quality materials. The shoes are comfortable, sturdy, and of great quality, so you can rest assured they will last you a long time. The bags are also available in colorful and beautiful shapes and designs.

Bcbg may have gone out of business, but under the ownership of Marquee brands, it is offering the very best to its customers. Marquee brands are known for their distinctive and top-quality products. Bcbg embodies this quality and uniqueness that Marquee brands are known for. So, if you have or intend to purchase one of their products, you can be certain you are dealing with a good brand.

Who Owns Bcbg Now?

It is no longer news that Bcbg went bankrupt and was bought by Marquee brands. Bcbg filed for bankruptcy protection in 2017 and closed down over 120 stores. However, Marquee now owns Bcbg and continues to roll out unique designs the brand is known for. 

Are Bcbg Max Azria And Bcbgeneration The Same?

There isn’t such a big difference between these two brands; they were both created by the same designer. However, while Bcbgeneration is a contemporary collection made for the younger generation, Bcbg Max Azaria is meant for people between 20-30 years. Bcbg Max Azria is also more expensive than Bcbgeneration.

Is Bcbg Made In China?

Despite the brand’s French heritage, most Bcbg clothing is made in China. However, this brand still delivers when it comes to quality and style. Its outstanding quality products have proved wrong the popular belief that goods produced in China are of poor quality.


Bcbg, just as the name implies, is a chic brand meant for individuals from the upper class. So when you’re rocking Bcbg, you’ll be sure to have the social respectability that people are looking for. This brand is a bit pricey but not too expensive when it comes to pricing. However, you are sure to enjoy the worth of your money.

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