Is Baume and Mercier a Luxury Watch?

Baume & Mercier is best described as an affordable luxury watch brand. “Luxury” is a heavy word that means different things to different people. The fashion industry has different levels of luxury, including entry-level luxury brands. Baume and Mercier are still at the entry-level because their prices are yet accessible to the masses.

Are Baume and Mercier Watches Affordable?

Baume and Mercier watches are inexpensive timepieces that make statements on any wrist. The watch brand is a pioneer in watchmaking which has proven its time-measuring accuracy and reliability many times. Although Baume & Mercier isn’t the fanciest brand in the Swiss watchmaking industry, it does make watches that are worth their prices.

Baume & Mercier watches aren’t the most affordable watches in the industry. Most of their watches are priced between $2,500 and $4,000 with tested and reliability-proven movements. There are others more affordable and others more expensive. For example, TAG Heuer and Longines aren’t as expensive as Baume and Mercier.

When Was Baume and Mercier Founded?

Baume and Mercier was founded as Freres Baume by Celestin Baume and Louis-Victor in 1830. Celestin and Louis-Victor were brothers; they opened a watch dealership in Les Bois, in the Swiss Jura region in western Switzerland. The brand grew fast due to the innovations and a good reputation maintained. The brand has been independent for most of its history until 1988, when it became a subsidiary of the Richemont Group.

The brand has won many competitions and awards, including the one in London in 1892 for using a tourbillon-equipped chronometer. The brand has always been about perfection, nothing less and nothing more.

Is Baume and Mercier a Good Watch Brand?

Baume & Mercier is one of those watch brands that haven’t been given their full credits, the understated brands. The brand’s iconic watches will give anyone a run for their money, but they aren’t very well known. Baume and Mercier is a good watch brand, even if people haven’t heard much about it.

Baume and Mercier is currently ranked the twenty-second luxury timepiece brand globally. Moreover, the brand is almost two centuries old; it couldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t doing something right.

Are Baume and Mercier Watches Expensive?

Baume and Mercier watches are an affordable luxury timepiece brand that creates good quality and stylish watch designs. The entry-level watch brand holds a precious little gem, having many models at affordable and reasonable price points. The brand’s advertising identifies it as affordable luxury.

The watch brand came at a time when the world needed it the most when pocket watches were thick and bulky. It came at a time when gentlemen couldn’t bring out their watches from their pockets to check the time. The brand solved this problem by creating slimmer movement pocket watches, which it started in 1840.

How Long Do Baume and Mercier Watch Batteries Last?

Baume and Mercier watches’ battery life is usually between three to ten years, depending on the model and your usage. The watches come with a system that indicates low battery two weeks before the battery runs down.

The central second’s hand on the watch jumps every four seconds, indicating that it is time to change the battery.

The brand recommends that you don’t leave an exhausted battery inside the watch. This can result in battery leakage damage to the watch’s movement – plus, it is not safe for the environment.

Where are Baume and Mercier Watch Movements Procured From?

Baume & Mercier manufactures its own in-house movements to a certain extent, though not entirely. Most of their collections rely on Sellita or standardized ETA/Valjoux movements. One of Baume & Mercier watch collections that feature Sellita movements is the Clifton divers watches. It uses the Sellita SW200 automatic movement, featuring a thirty-eight-hour power reserve, twenty-six jewels, and 28,800 vph.

Meanwhile, the brand’s Rivera divers watch features the 7750 Valjoux automatic chronograph movement.

This Swiss movement features a forty-six-hour power reserve, twenty-five jewels, and 28,800 vph. This collection also features the ETA 2895-2 Swiss automatic movement, with a 42-hour-power reserve, twenty-seven jewels, and 28,000 vph.

Are Baume and Mercier Watches Manufactured in China?

There is no record of Baume and Mercier manufacturing their watches in China or owning a factory there. According to the information on their official website, all Baume and Mercier watches are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.

The brand has several watchmaking workshops in Les Brenets in the Swiss Jura, where it manufactures all its timepieces. Thus, if there’s a “made in China” on the Baume & Mercier watch you have, it is most definitely fake.

However, that is not to say watches made in China are low-quality; high-quality brands have changed that narrative.

Regardless, Baume et Mercier brand doesn’t seem to share their perception of China’s massive production opportunities. Or maybe it simply isn’t ready to take the country up on its offer.

Are Baume and Mercier Watches Automatic?

Most of Baume and Mercier watches feature automatic mechanical movements. The automatic watches operate with a sophisticated mechanism where they automatically wind up with the wearer’s wrist movements.

However, the watch will stop if not worn for days or if it has insufficient power to ensure optimal accuracy. In this case, the brand recommends winding the watch manually about twenty clockwise turns before using it again.

Furthermore, you’re recommended to remove the watch from your wrist before winding it. This ensures that its crown stem remains straight during winding to avoid damaging the watch’s crown or its movement.


The Baume and Mercier watch brand is a part of the Richemont group; it makes beautiful and durable timepieces. However, the brand is typically not regarded as a luxury brand because many people can afford their timepieces. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for water-resistant, high-quality, gorgeous timepieces to grace your wrists, Baume and Mercier are worth investing in.

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