Is Bally a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Bally is a luxury brand that is a family business specializing in fashion items for men and women. Bally produces shoes, bags, wallets, accessories, and ready-to-wear fashion items suitable for men and women. Being one of the world’s oldest luxury brands, Bally prides itself in consistently manufacturing most of its products from durable, impeccably high-quality leather.

Where are Bally Products Made?

Bally’s main production line is based in Caslano, Switzerland. However, Bally has verified retail stores in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Indonesia. Bally prides itself in the uniqueness of its products intricately handcrafted by talented craftsmen, using the finest leathers.

What Makes Bally Products Unique?

Bally’s products are generally known for their unbeatable durability due to the quality of leather used for manufacturing most of their products. Bally prides itself as a leather architect by its prowess with leather works. Bally shoes are specially handcrafted to give them a unique design and feel. AI and 3D technology also inspire Bally’s product designs.

How to Spot a Fake Bally Shoe

Although Bally has other products on its production line, more often than not, its shoes are counterfeited. To distinguish the original from the copy, you must know what to look for.

  • Bally products are made with impeccable high-quality leather and last very long. In addition, counterfeit shoes will be made from inferior quality leather and are more likely to wear after a brief period of use.
  • The finishing on Bally’s shoes is intricate and detailed. There should be no loose end or ill-fitted sole. A counterfeit may look like it has the same finishing, but if you pay close attention, you are bound to discover the difference in the finishing.
  • Bally products are only sold at Bally retail outlets and approved stores. However, it is more likely that if you are buying from stores that are not designated Bally stores, you could be buying a counterfeit.
  • The sizes on Bally sneakers are also reputed to be standard. If you are buying a Bally shoe, its size is usually the correct size, and it will fit the size. Counterfeit products, on the other hand, do not have standard sizing. Hence, if you have a fake Bally shoe, its size could be bigger or smaller than the standard.
  • Another sure giveaway for counterfeit products is the price it is sold. Generally, makers of fake products will want to sell at a much lower price than the original. Instead, you should check the prices of Bally shoes on authorized retail sites and compare them with the price offered to you.
  • Every luxury brand has a unique brand logo affixed to its products for easy identification. Fake products will mimic the brand logo but often fall short in seemingly small details. Study the brand label on original Bally shoes, and you will be able to tell a fake from the original.


As a luxury brand for fashion products, Bally aims to maintain quality products while offering the class. Bally develops its products to suit fashion trends, with attention to detail and high-quality materials.

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