Is Armani Exchange A Luxury Brand?

Armani Exchange is a sub-brand under the Italian luxury clothing brand Armani. Armani Exchange is relatively cheaper and more accessible than other Armani brands. This, however, does not mean everyone can afford this. Armani Exchange is still a premium brand made for the select few who can afford it.

Is Armani Exchange Made In China?

Giorgio Armani does not directly design Armani Exchange. The main purpose of creating this sub-brand is to capture the interest of young adults. Thus, most Armani Exchange clothes are mass-produced in China. However, this does not imply that Armani’s reputation for quality and style has been compromised. The stitching on their products is still even, and the clothes are soft and last a long time.

Why Is Armani Exchange Cheaper Than Emporio Armani?

Both Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange are sub-brands under the Italian luxury clothing brand founded by Giorgio Armani. Armani Exchange is the cheapest clothing sub-brand under the famous clothing brand. This is because it was specifically created by Gorgio to be so. He created this sub-brand to be a more accessible and affordable extension Armani to young and exquisite fashion lovers across all income levels.

Both clothing lines are targeted towards the younger audience, but the major difference between these two brands is their price tags. Armani Emporio has higher price tags than Armani Exchange, which is more cost-effective. However, both brands still represent the quality and style Armani is popularly known for. And, they are trendy, luxurious, unique, and appealing to their target audience.

Who is the Armani Exchange Target Market?

You have to be young, social, trendy, and fun to love Armani Exchange. This simply means Armani Exchange is made for trendy young people who love fashion. Armani Exchange’s target audience and customers are those in their late teens to early thirties, thus, the reason for their bold and vivid designs. Armani Exchange was specifically designed for the American mass market and young fashion lovers worldwide who cannot purchase or afford Armani’s top-tier products.

So, if you are a young person and are not maximizing Armani Exchange clothing, you may be missing out.

What Does Armani Exchange Produce?

Armani Exchange manufactures various products ranging from eyewear, watches, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, and other accessories. Armani Exchange is inspired by street-chic culture and dance music, making it perfect for teenagers and fashion street lovers. Its youthful and modern look is not the only reason this collection is deeply appreciated. One of the main reasons people prefer to shop for this collection is its incredible affordability.

When Was Armani Exchange Founded?

Armani Exchange was founded in 1991 in the U.S by its owner, Giorgio Armani. It became the cheapest and most accessible sub-brand under the Armani family. This collection is designed by various designers and not directly made by Giorgio himself.


Armani Exchange, just like other sub-brands in the Armani family, represents the brand’s quality, style, and uniqueness. It may be economical, but it is made of top-quality materials. With the mother brand, Armani, backing this brand, you know it is not for everyone. It is a high-end brand that offers its customers the absolute best.

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