Is Armand Nicolet a Luxury Brand?

Armand Nicolet is a luxury brand that produces high-quality luxury watches. The concept of luxury fashion is deep and can mean many things, is typically associated with expensiveness, exclusivity, and high quality. Armand Nicolet may not be as expensive as other luxury brands we know, but it is equally high-quality and exclusive.

Is Armand Nicolet a Good Watch Brand?

Armand Nicolet MHA Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch A840HAA-NS-P140NR2 - 546x546

Armand Nicolet is a good watch brand to invest in, especially if you’re looking for high-quality classical watches. Although not as popular as Rolex, Longines, and other luxurious watch brands, Armand Nicolet is a good brand. The brand isn’t that popular because it only advertises to its target audience.

It is not often we find luxury brands that are interested in something more than the huge revenues their items bring. But, Armand Nicolet designs with passion and intentionality: to provide its audience with exactly what it needs.

Is Armand Worth Buying?

Armand Nicolet isn’t for everyone, no doubt. However, that’s to be said about every other fashion brand, be it clothing or watch. Still, if you’re interested in high-quality timepieces, Armand is a good place to shop.

One look at an Armand wristwatch, and you’ll likely not want any other brand – no exaggerations. But, what uses is a beautiful timepiece if it doesn’t last? Thus, Armand watches are strongly made with sturdy and durable materials beyond the looks. 

Furthermore, Armand Nicolet watches excellent display functioning peculiar to the brand. No one wants to spend hard-earned resources on beautiful but low-quality wristwatches. You should know that Armand watches are as good as they say, maybe even better.

Where Can You Buy Authentic Armand Nicolet Watches?

Armand Nicolet MHA Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch A840HAA-NS-P140NR2 - 546x546 Image #3

Even though the Armand brand isn’t the most popular watch brand, it still gets counterfeited. Thus, if you want to get an Armand watch, you will want to buy it with caution. If you’re buying the watch online, you should go to safe destinations where you’re sure to get authentic Armand watches.

The brand’s official website is the best place to buy the watch, but most of the watches listed there are labeled “out of stock.”

But, if you’re buying offline, their brand’s designated stores are the best place to ensure you’re getting the real thing. Other safe online places you can buy the watch are Amazon, Jomashop, and Walmart. Walmart sells fairly-used Armand timepieces; you can get one for as low as $20.

How Many Collections does Armand Nicolet Have?

One great thing about Armand is that it doesn’t confuse its consumers with listless watch collections. Armand Nicolet divides its watch releases into two collections. The brand has two main lines, including the contemporary and original historical movements.

The contemporary collection focuses on modern watch styles with many battery-powered watches. On the other hand, the OHM focuses on historical Swiss mechanical movements. Precise and complicated Swiss mechanical calibers power watches in this collection.


Armand Nicolet is a luxury brand that lives true to the luxury tag. It is a unique timepiece brand that focuses on producing high-quality watches for its target audience. Armand Nicolet is a true definition of style, class, and excellence.

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