Is Arc’teryx Made in China?

Arc’teryx is a Canadian luxury apparel company headquartered in North Vancouver and specializes in outdoor apparel and equipment. The outdoor apparel company manufactures many of its products in Canada, but it also manufactures some in China. The brand’s presence in China has caused a stir among its customers as many speculated about the level of quality.

However, although the Arc’teryx company manufactures in China, the quality of its products is the same as those made in Canada.

Arc’teryx is known for manufacturing technical apparel for Alpine and mountaineering sports and related accessories. Its name and logo reference the transitional fossil of early dinosaurs to modern birds, Archaeopteryx. Arc’teryx is particularly popular for its high-quality and highly durable down parkas, knitwear, and Gore-Tex shell jackets. It has a major influence on the movement for gorp core fashion – that is, wearing outdoor apparel in urban settings.

Are Arc’teryx Items Made in China?

Arc’teryx is a well-known, Vancouver-based Canadian outdoor apparel brand; it manufactures most of its products in Canada. However, it also produces some in China, which has caused concern among some of the brand’s customers. Considering that Arc’teryx is considered a high-quality brand, many people worry that the brand will lower its quality standard. More so, some customers are concerned that the brand’s products made in China may not have the same quality as their Canadian-made counterparts.

However, Arc’teryx has reassured the public that its products made in China are made with the same guiding principles. It stated that its manufacturing facilities in China are held under the same unbending, and rigorous standards as their Canadian counterparts are. Arc’teryx reassures its customers that it employs the same quality control measures in China and Canada.

Moreover, many of the brand’s products made in China are exported to Canada, meaning some Arc’teryx products in Canada are China-made.

Therefore, Arc’teryx products being made in China in no way signifies that their quality is any less. Whether you are purchasing in Canada or China, you are getting the same quality Arc’teryx is known for globally. Plus, the brand’s products are reasonably priced, with their quality offering more value than their prices suggest.

A Brief History of the Arc’teryx Brand

Arc’teryx started as a brand named Rock Solid, which Dave Lane founded in 1989. In 1989, Dave Lane sold half of his interest to Blair Murdoch and Tim Duholke; they became silent partners. It rebranded in 1991 and became Arc’teryx, producing outerwear and climbing gear said to be inspired by the Canadian Coast Mountains. Jeremy Guard changed the name to reflect the brand’s vision of producing disruptive evolutionary innovations in the industry of outdoor products.

Jeremy Guard was the brand’s president and principal for ten years, from 1991 to 2001. In 2001, Salomon Group, which also owns Adidas, purchased Arc’teryx; Amer Sports purchased Salomon Group four years later. Thus, the Arc’teryx brand is now owned by Amer Sports Corporation, which the Chinese Anta Sports group owns.

The Arc’teryx headquarters are based in North Vancouver, with its backpacks, harnesses, and several of its apparel being made in New Westminster.

Arc’teryx operates under two divisions: Veilance and LEAF. Veilance is the brand’s luxury streetwear retailer, while LEAF is their retailer for military and law enforcement technical gear. John Hoerauf served as the company’s president from 2012 and became the general manager in 2016.

Where Are Arc’teryx Jackets Manufactured?

Arc’teryx makes most of its jackets in Canada and China; thus, it depends on the kind of jacket. The brand officially states that a third of its products are produced in Burnaby, Canada, while a third is made in China. Meanwhile, another third, in combination, is made in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, El Salvador, and Greece.

Additionally, the brand’s products made in Canada reportedly sell better than those made in China, the intended use and quality regardless.

Although many people cringe at Arc’teryx production in China, the brand is showing the world Chinese production’s potential. Meanwhile, the brand only makes those in China when it comes to larger-scale items like Beta ARs and the Atom LT. That is because, out of all the brand’s manufacturing bases, only China can produce such large quantities within a given timeframe.

Moreover, the brand understands that only China has certain production machinery and people trained to use it.

The Arc’teryx trains independent workers to monitor working conditions and quality control and are also embedded in the brand’s factories. Thus, if there is a lapse in quality, Arc’teryx can walk away, taking its business to other manufacturers. This way, it maintains a unique level of control over the Chinese production train, which is quite unusual in China.

Is Arc’teryx Durable?

The Arc’teryx is known for its firm stand in durability; its philosophy is hinged on this. The firm resolve guides the brand’s motto that durability is the strongest path to sustainability. Thus, it employs a meticulous and mindful design process in making its items, developing a toolkit that delivers durability. Furthermore, this toolkit helps improve the impacts of the Arc’teryx brand on the environment.

Arc’teryx is considered a luxury status symbol among the youth; a TikTok trend recently showed individuals fully clothed in an Arc’teryx jacket. Also, Arc’teryx is known to make high-end, high-quality technical clothing that is bombproof in both rural and urban environments. The brand uses quality raw materials for construction, including proprietary and third-party materials. 

Moreover, the brand utilizes unique construction techniques that increase the durability and functionality of its items.

Arc’teryx is undoubtedly a good brand to invest in if you want luxury, high-quality, and long-lasting outwear. The brand’s customers speak highly of its durability and high quality, reviewing it to be a brand worth investing in. The quality and durability of Arc’teryx products also contribute to their high price tags, apart from labor costs.


Most of Arc’teryx’s items are made in Canada and China, but it also outsources in other places, including Vietnam. Although the idea of its items being made in China suggests lower quality, Arc’teryx reassures that this isn’t so.

The brand uses the same manufacturing principles used in Canada in its Chinese manufacturing facilities. Thus, you are getting the same quality Arc’teryx is known for, China-made or Canada-made.

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