How To Tell If Givenchy Necklace Is Real

Givenchy necklaces usually come with a signature stamp of the Givenchy company name. Alternatively, a variation of the ‘G’ logo is put on the straps. Compare the ‘G’ logo with the one on the Givenchy website. However, there are some inconsistencies common with fake Givenchy necklaces that you won’t find on the real ones. 

Is Givenchy Jewelry Made in China?

No, Givenchy jewelry is not made in China; none of the Givenchy brand products are made in China. Givenchy is a French luxury brand based in Paris, France. The brand only manufactures its products, including its jewelry, in France, Italy, and Portugal. The French luxury brand has its headquarters in France but has offices across Europe, America, and Asia. It also has sales outlets in many countries, including Shanghai and Hong Kong.

However, Givenchy jewelry and other products you see in these places were not manufactured there. Instead, they were simply transported from production places (France, Italy, or Portugal) to be sold in those places. If the Jewelry says ‘Made in China,’ you’re dealing with a Givenchy wannabe.

What is Givenchy Jewelry Made Of?

GIVENCHY Gold and silver-tone necklace

Givenchy costume jewelry is made from quality materials and impeccable designs. They come in gold-plating, faux pearls, silver-plating, glass, rhinestones, Lucite, and heavy chains. Other materials include faux opals, pearls, zirconia, Swarovski crystals, diamante crystals, multi-colored crystals, cabochons, enamel, amber, and wood.

Hubert de Givenchy opened his first boutique when he was only 25 years old, starting with fashion and jewelry. His items were all high-end, quality materials. Soon enough, upscale boutiques heard the fame of these gorgeous creations and began seeking him out. These upscale boutiques would soon start selling Givenchy’s jewelry all around the world. 

He had always used rhinestones, faux pearls, plated materials, and polished glass for his jewelry, one of the reasons the Givenchy jewelry was famous.

Is Givenchy Jewelry a Good Brand?

Givenchy jewelry is popular for its irresistible charm and the endearing way they compliment any outfit. Hubert de Givenchy, the brilliant mind behind creating these masterpieces, made them with his artistic forbears and aristocratic ancestry. With these, he created elegant jewelry that became the appeal of women of all walks of life and worldwide.

Givenchy jewelry pieces are high-quality, unique products made by some of the most skilled designer craftspeople in the world.

How To Authenticate a Real Givenchy Necklace

Givenchy necklaces come with different markings, including;

  1. The Givenchy ‘G’ signature on the necklace;
  2. The double ‘G’s’ or 4 ‘G’s’ in square pattern;
  3. “Hubert de Givenchy” perfectly inscribed on the necklace;
  4. “GIVENCHY” clearly spelled out and evenly spaced;
  5. “GIVENCHY PARIS – NEW YORK” marking on the Givenchy necklace;
  6. 4 ‘G’s’ and BIJOUX written in a circle on the necklace.

Telling a real Givenchy necklace apart from the fake one generally requires attention to detail. Some counterfeits may have some of these markings and even ‘feel’ like the real thing. However, when you compare it with the real Givenchy necklace, you’d see the difference.


Givenchy necklaces usually come with markings such as the signature stamp of the Givenchy name or a ‘G’ logo on the strap. However, there is a need to compare the markings with the ones on the official website to be sure.

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