How To Tell If Givenchy Item Is Real

There are many ways to tell if a Givenchy product is real – the quickest one is by checking the wash and neck tags. Compare the Givenchy item’s inscriptions with the original one, which you would find on Givenchy’s official website. The inscriptions on Givenchy imitations are usually different from the real ones. 

Where Is Givenchy Made?

Givenchy products are mostly manufactured in France, with some items made in Italy and a few in Portugal. All authentic Givenchy bags, clothing, hats, shoes, jewelry, wallets, and belts are primarily made in France. On the other hand, some Givenchy T-shirts are made in Portugal, while all Givenchy items are also made in Italy. No Chinese factory is commissioned to produce any Givenchy products, only Portuguese factories. As such, the easiest and quickest way to spot a fake Givenchy item is if it says ‘Made in China.’ 

How to Tell if Givenchy Bag is Real

To the trained eye, a fake Givenchy bag is easy to spot. However, to the untrained eye, it is not that easy or simple. Below are two ways to tell if a Givenchy bag is real.

  1. Givenchy bags are detailed and carefully structured such that they don’t slouch when you stand them up. Also, check the leather; it is not a real Givenchy bag if it is too soft or has careless processing. A real Givenchy bag is luxurious and looks supple – the fake looks more plastic.
  2. Take a look at the handles – handles on authentic Givenchy bags are thin but stiff enough to stand upright. Both handles of Givenchy bags are usually of the same length and width. The stitching is impeccable, and the seam clean, straight, and the same color as the handles.

How to Authenticate Real Givenchy Signature Items

To authenticate a Givenchy signature item, you need to focus on two things: the neck tag and the wash tag. The inscriptions on the wash tags of fake Givenchy signature items are different from those on the real ones; they are incorrect. Telling the difference would require that you know which is the correct inscription.

Meanwhile, fake Givenchy neck tags have their “GIVENCHY” inscriptions too thin and unevenly spaced. The authentic neck tag on a real Givenchy product has a thicker font and even spacing.

How To Spot Fake Givenchy Signature in 1 Minute

Sometimes, you are in a hurry and cannot check the authenticity of a Givenchy signature using the neck and wash tags. Below are ways to spot a fake Givenchy signature in sixty seconds.

  1. Check the inscriptions on the tags; they are usually misspelled, thinner, or awkwardly printed on fake Givenchy products. Most of the time, the inscriptions are completely wrong.
  2. Check the “GIVENCHY PARIS” text on the neck tag; fake ones have the too thick or thin font.
  3. Fake Givenchy items have improperly-shaped signature print.


The quickest way to tell if a Givenchy is real or not is to check the item’s neck or wash tags. The inscriptions on the tags on fake Givenchy items are not consistent with those on real items.

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