How To Tell If Givenchy Hoodie Is Fake

Please take a look at the logo on the Givenchy hoodie; it should be perfect. ‘Perfect’ in the sense that the words are correctly spelt, the font is not too thick, and the inscription is elegantly written. Fake Givenchy hoodies have the logo font too thick, too big, or awkwardly written.

How Can You Tell if a Givenchy Hoodie is Real?

Givenchy Gothic print hooded sweatshirt

The quickest way to tell if a Givenchy hoodie is fake is through the price of the hoodie. Due to the materials, Givenchy hoodies are made from; they are a very expensive set. Like other Givenchy items, Givenchy hoodies cost a fortune – only people with high means of living can afford them.

So, if the hoodie is cheap, you should get suspicious – it most likely isn’t a real Givenchy hoodie.

Asides from the price, you can also tell if a Givenchy hoodie is real via the Givenchy logo card. The real Givenchy logo card is compact and has an exotic feel.

For example, you could easily tell from holding the card in your hands if you are familiar with authentic Givenchy products. The fake logo is thicker, and the logo card is larger with incorrect dimensions.

In addition, take a look at how the Givenchy logo is placed on the hoodie. The logo on Givenchy hoodies is a mix of plain white with some colored inscriptions. Look at how the colorful Givenchy inscription is placed above the normal one – elegant, stylish, and simple. Counterfeits try, but they can never get it right – either they miss a dot above the ‘i’, or it is shaped differently.

How to Maintain Givenchy Hoodie

Givenchy hoodie is 100% cotton and should be cared for in the best way possible for a cotton material. Below are ways to maintain a Givenchy hoodie:

  • Don’t bleach the Givenchy hoodie;
  • Do dry clean the Givenchy hoodie;
  • Don’t tumble dry the Givenchy hoodie
  • Wash at a moderate temperature and with a delicate cycle;
  • Don’t steam-iron the hoodie; iron at moderate temperature.

Where is the Givenchy Hoodie Made?

Givenchy hoodies are made in Paris, France, where its headquarters are based. However, some of Givenchy’s clothing, including the hoodies, are also made in Italy. These are the only two places where Givenchy hoodies are manufactured. Portuguese factories only manufacture some T-shirts.

Why is a Givenchy Hoodie So Expensive?

Givenchy hoodies, like all of Givenchy’s products, are made with premium-quality materials. However, the brand doesn’t tone down on the quality of its raw materials. The quality of the hoodies is one of the reasons their price is on the high side.

Another reason is the cost of producing the hoodies bearing in mind other logistical arrangements. Since Givenchy uses high-quality materials, the cost of production is high, and, consequently, the cost of selling them is high.

More so, luxury brands like Givenchy manufacture their products in European countries like France and Italy. As a result, production in Europe is more expensive, and labor costs are higher than they would have been in Asia.


To tell if a Givenchy hoodie is fake, look at the logo on the fake Givenchy hoodie, and you’d see that it is thicker, bigger, and imperfect.

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