How To Tell If Fendi Sunglasses Are Real

One easy way to tell if Fendi sunglasses are real is by checking the spelling of Fendi on the inner parts of the sunglasses. Counterfeits usually have the spelling wrong, the inscription awkward, or the font different. You can also check the inner parts of the sunglasses for the inscription ‘Made in Italy.’

How to Authenticate Fendi Sunglasses

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Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion brand that makes fashion and leather goods and fashionable eyewear, including sunglasses. Authentic Fendi sunglasses are easy to spot as they stand out in the crowd. With their stylishly ‘loud’ frames and elegant models, they tend to grab and hold their audience’s attention.

Nevertheless, if you are still not sure the Fendi sunglasses in your hands are the real thing, here are ways to know for sure.

Logo and Packaging

Fendi sunglasses usually come in a branded retail box with the brand logo boldly inscribed on the box. The Fendi logo should be bold, without inconsistencies, and should match the official Fendi logo. Style and color vary in Fendi sunglasses depending on the model.

Everything in the retail box, including the cleaning cloth, must have the Fendi logo.


On the inner parts of the sunglasses, there must be a ‘Made in Italy’ inscription and ‘FENDI’ correctly spelled and evenly spaced. On the right temple arm, there should be ‘CE’ (meaning European Conformity). On the outer temple, ‘FENDI’ should be boldly written.

Model Number, Weight, Hinges

Authentic Fendi sunglasses come with model numbers starting with an ‘F’ and containing the measurements of the lens and frame. Fendi sunglasses are made of classic plastic and are therefore lightweight. The hinges are not attached to the frame with metals and screws and should move smoothly without getting stuck.

Who Produces Fendi Sunglasses?

Fendi eyewear is made by Safilo Group SA, an Italian eyewear company. This is the same company that makes Dior and Hugo Boss frames. All Fendi sunglasses, and all Fendi products, are made in Italy.

How Much Do Fendi Sunglasses Cost?

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Fendi sunglasses cost as low as about $300 and as high as about $600. Fendi sunglasses are popular for their impeccable quality and extravagant style. The brand uses only the best quality for its products, including sunglasses. As such, it is not surprising that Fendi sunglasses cost as much as they do.

Are Fendi Sunglasses Good?

Fendi sunglasses have extravagance and style peculiar to the brand. The sunglasses are defined by their Italian precision, refinement, and design. The frames are stylish, dazzling, and beautiful.

Fendi put so much investment in ensuring those who wear Fendi sunglasses feel confident and never awkward. There are numerous styles of Fendi sunglasses in the market.

Fendi glasses boast of the fact that its sunglasses are luxurious and tend to fit the personality and style of their wearers.


You can tell real Fendi sunglasses apart from a counterfeit by their extravagant packaging, labeling, model number, and weight. The Fendi brand is known for its finesse, impeccability, and style – you can see all of these in their sunglasses.

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