How to tell if a Gucci jacket is real

Gucci is synonymous with affluence and allure. Being able to buy into the luxury brand is something that people take a lot of pride in. It feels good to wear a coveted Gucci item, they are crafted from the highest-quality materials, and they are instantly recognisable. 

However, Gucci is one of the most highly counterfeited designer brands in the world, and their jackets are at the top of the list, and it’s no surprise why. 

Buying any Gucci item will set you back a good chunk of money, but the brand’s jackets are some of the most highly-priced items available, setting you back as much as $4,600 –  So, it’s important that you know your way around the real deal and gets the quality you’re paying for. 

If you’re unsure of what makes a Gucci jacket so unique, here we’ll go through some tips and potential red flags, to help you authenticate a Gucci jacket.

Check the logo label

One of the quickest ways to spot a designer fake is to look at the logo. The lettering of the Gucci logo is very specific and is hard to replicate, even the very best counterfeits won’t be able to get it right. A Gucci logo should be consistent with the following:

  • The two sides of the letter U are different, the left side is thick and the right side is thin. 
  • The two C’s are very curved, if the lines continued they would form O’s.

All Gucci jackets have a rectangular beige label, that has a black border, and is sewn in with red thread.

Check the monogram print

Some of Gucci’s jackets feature the brand’s iconic interlocking G monogram print. The print is an essential part of their identity and one that is often attempted to fake.

Counterfeits might feature C’s instead of G’s.

Check the serial number

Luckily, the brand label the product with a serial number to ensure their authenticity. This is located in a different location depending on the style. 

Gucci has recently introduced QR codes on their labels, this will make authenticating the serial number a lot quicker and easier.

You can get the serial number or code checked by Gucci directly, by contacting their customer services, or you can l log the number into one of many trusted authentication sites.

Attention to detail

If the logo looks good, but you’re still not convinced whether your Gucci find is too good to be true is to pay attention to the finer details.

Gucci is an Italian brand, and all of its products feature a ‘made in Italy’ label. Around 80% of the worlds counterfeit designer products are made in China, so if it does have a manufacturing label make sure to check it.

It’s also important to check the stitching quality. Gucci’s jackets are made by highly-skilled craftsmen and are known for their high-quality standards. Make sure that the stitching throughout the jacket is even, there should be no frays, holes or tears.

Shop from a reputable retailer, and check the price

An obvious indicator is the price tag of the jacket. Gucci’s jacket’s typically retail between $950 – $4,300. If the price seems like a bargain, you might want to question the authenticity.

The best possible way to make sure you don’t fall victim to a Gucci fake is to shop directly from the brand, or a reputable retailer– such as a luxury department store.

If you are looking to purchase a second-hand jacket, there are luxury resale sites like Vestiaire Collective, that carry out extensive authentication procedures before any designer item can be sold.


So, if a Gucci Jacket price seems too good to be true, it’s vital to take these steps into consideration, to make sure you don’t fall victim to designer counterfeit. 

Always check the Gucci logo, the lettering and spacing is very specific, and cannot be easily replicated. Most replica products feature the logo in a very thin font.

It’s also important to pay attention to finer details, like the quality of the stitching, the monogram print, and if the jacket has a serial number or QR code.

Along with this, there should always be a ‘made in Italy’ manufacturing label – If the jacket doesn’t have one, it’s most likely a fake.

Always purchase from a reputable retailer, or the brand itself. Gucci jackets are one of the highest-priced items in Gucci’s library of goods, so don’t fall for cheap price tags.

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