How To Tell If A Fendi Bag Is Real

The easiest way to tell if a Fendi bag is real is by checking the leather tag. An authentic Fendi bag should have a leather tag embossed with ‘Fendi,’ ‘Fendi Roma,’ or ‘Fendi Made in Italy.’ Alternatively, there should be a metal plaque that matches the hardware on the bag with the same inscriptions engraved on it.

How Do You Authenticate a Fendi Bag?

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The most counterfeited products in the world are designer items. Some consumers don’t mind, though, as long as the brand name is there. But, if you are a true believer in designer products, you want to be absolutely sure you have the real thing. There are several ways to authenticate a Fendi bag; here are two of them:

  • The Fendi Logo
    The Fendi brand stands out with its iconic metallic FF logo. If the Fendi bag is real, it should have that authentic logo with each F staggered on either side of the rectangle. The Fs are never directly across from each other. On Zucca & Zucchino iterations, the Fs should be of equal sizing. The second dash in each F should be shorter and thinner than the one above and equally spaced.
  • Serial Number
    On the back of the interior leather or in a corner/pocket near a seam, there should be serial numbers 15-17 characters long. The serial numbers on authentic Fendi bags contain numbers and letters which are separated with dashes. However, if the bag is from around 1980, you won’t find serial numbers.

How Do You Know a Real Vintage Fendi Bag?

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Telling an authentic vintage Fendi bag is easy if you pay attention to the details. Here are simple ways to tell if the vintage Fendi bag is genuine. 

  • An authentic vintage Fendi bag is weighty and sturdy, pristine, and outstanding.
  • Snaps, screws, and buckles in real vintage Fendi bags are engraved and the zipper inscribed with the Fendi logo on both sides.
  • A real vintage Fendi bag and all Fendi bags usually have metallic or leather interior tags. If the Fendi tag is metallic, it should not be glued to the leather.
  • Stitching on real vintage Fendi bags are perfect and evenly spaced.

Is Fendi Made in China?

While many big and notable fashion brands have manufacturing bases in China, Fendi is one of the few that doesn’t. Fendi is an Italian fashion brand, and all products, bags, jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, jackets, etc., are made in Italy. No product of Fendi’s is made in China.

How Much Does a Fendi Bag Cost?

Fendi bags are known to cost twice the price of a Gucci bag. That is, if a Gucci bag costs $8,000, you’d be paying $16,000 for a Fendi bag. The most expensive Fendi bag costs $38,000 or thereabout.


Telling a real Fendi bag involves you taking the time to check and paying attention to the little but essential things. You can tell an authentic Fendi bag from its leather or metallic tag, the 15-17-characters-long serial numbers, and the impeccable stitching, among other things.

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