How to style Gucci socks

Of course, when you spend upward of $150 on a pair of socks, you want to show them off.

When it comes to styling socks, it can be hard to eliminate the thought of the frilly pairs you’d be dressed in as a child. Don’t worry. If you’re unsure of ways you can style your new luxe spend, in a way that is fashion-forward and doesn’t bring back memories of elementary school – then we have you covered.

Here, we show you how to style Gucci socks in four different ways.

Gucci Socks and Sandals

Yep, you read it right. Socks and sandals are becoming a massive trend, and one you might actually want to join in with. 

For years this combination has seen a lot of negative press and been associated with nerdy dads and tourists. However, we’ve seen the dad trend revitalised through the chunky sneakers, and it’s now transitioned to chunky sandals and socks.

The trend was a massive hit through summer 2021 and is still going strong as we transition through autumn. So what’s the best way to wear this trend?

It’s only right we pick a pair of sandals that our dads would want to steal – The ‘sandal with double G’ is the perfect fit for this trend. The sandals are available in two colours; black and pink. 

Pair these sandals with the socks from Gucci’s collaboration with The North Face for the ultimate sports luxe vibe.

Gucci Style with Loafers

A major trend for Fall/Winter 2021 is a pair of trusty loafers and statement socks. 

Gucci has a great assortment of loafer styles to choose from. Whether you want to opt for a traditional flat loafer, chunky sole or a heel you can dress up – they have it all.

Pretty much any of Gucci’s socks will match perfectly with a pair of loafers, but for the ultimate preppy look, our favourite is the Lamè GG socks. This knee-length style is made from cotton and a sparkly lamè that shines when it hits the light.  The socks feature the iconic double G monogram print and are available in three different colours; pink, beige and black.

Loafers never go out of style, so investing in a pair you can dress up, or down is totally worth it.

Pair with your favourite Gucci sling-backs

Who knew socks could look so effortlessly elegant?

This is a trend that is synonymously Gucci and is always featured in their campaigns. Socks and heels isn’t a particularly new trend, but it is one that has taken a while to be adopted.

Beyond its high-fashion look, pairing socks with your favourite sling-backs are actually pretty practical – heels can be kind of uncomfortable if worn for long stints of time. Plus, this means you can get away with them in the midst of winter.

Gucci has a stunning variety of slingbacks available, but the most classic style is the ‘mid-heel slingback with horsebit. The style is available in three different colours to suit your style; pink, black and white. These slingbacks are a vintage square toe style, and all colours are accented with an antique gold horesbit.

The perfect socks to pair with this style are the ‘cotton blend socks with GG bow’. Styled on the site with Gucci slingbacks, this pair of socks are seriously sweet. The style comes in pink and white, both are detailed with a black bow that is embossed with gold interlocking G’s.

Layer on top of Gucci tights

This trend is perfect for the winter months. Layer your socks on top of tights. 

Layering socks over tights not only adds extra warmth but, adds an added layer of visual interest. Pairing over a plain pair is a great option but if you’re loyal then double up on the interlocking G’s and layer them over Gucci’s tights – currently available in beige

Any of Gucci’s socks would be a great match, but once again the ‘cotton blend socks with GG bow’ would work perfectly.


That’s a wrap on our tips for styling Gucci socks.

After all those years of embarrassment, we’re finally listening to fashion-forward dads and wearing socks and sandals. This trend can actually be worn with style and emit luxury to your sports aesthetic.

Pair your Gucci socks with loafers, this classic style will never go out of fashion. Loafers are a great investment and this is a trend you can wear all year round.

Opt for a look of vintage elegance by matching your socks with your favourite pair of slingbacks. This look can be taken from day to night and is great for wearing to a winter special occasion. 

Finally, layer your socks over tights. They instantly add interest if you match them with a plain black pair – or even better, double up the double G logo with Gucci’s coveted tights.

To shop for Gucci’s assortment of socks, check out their website.

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