How to clean a Gucci Marmont bag

When you purchase a Gucci Marmont bag, you’re also signing up for a life agreement to tend to the precious materials it’s crafted from. If you use your Marmont daily, then it should be cleaned around every two months – If it’s more of a special occasion accessory then you could get away with it every six months. 

While you might love the idea of taking your Gucci Marmont to a specialist cleaning clinic each time it needs some TLC, or to a Gucci store, it’s not always an accessible option or realistic. 

Here, we’ll go through some tips on how to protect and clean your Gucci Marmont at home. 

Materials that make up the Gucci Marmont bag

Before you go ahead and clean your Gucci Marmont, it’s important to identify the materials that have been used to craft the bag, so that we can understand how to treat them. 

The double G logo on the front of the bag is made up of brass which is prone to frequent oxidisation.

The outer body is made from Italian leather, known to be the finest quality leather in the fashion industry.

The lining of the Gucci Marmont is made from a microfiber that has a suede-like finish – This gives an advantage when cleaning, as the material is more resistant to wear and stains. 

Clean the brass logo with polish

The double G logo on the Gucci Marmont is made from brass. It can easily become dull looking or pick up oxidisation marks, so it’s important to give it regular care. Luckily, brass is very easily cleaned.

Brasso Metal Polish, 175ml

Brasso is a liquid metal polish, and is well-loved by Gucci owners. Available on Amazon for only $7.23, it’ll make cleaning your Gucci logo a breeze.

You can either use a Q-tip or a small microfiber cloth and work gently, and in a circular motion over the logo until the oxidisation marks are gone and the brass is shining.

Clean the outer body with a leather conditioner

Although Italian leather is durable and known to withstand natural wear and tear, it’s important to give it a regular helping hand.

If you’ve never come across a leather conditioner before, get to know. Its purpose is to revive, restore and protect.

Cadillac Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is one of the leading names for high-end fashion leather protection. You can grab it from Amazon and retails for $14.99 –  which is a steal when you consider how much it would cost to have your bag professionally tended to.

With the Cadillac conditioner, all you need to do is add a small amount to a microfibre cloth and rub in circular motions onto your Marmont, and viola! Your luxe Gucci bag will be clean, nourished and protected from scratched and marks. 

Cleaning the microfiber lining

Cleaning the inside of the Gucci bag is pretty straightforward, thanks to the microfiber material. 

Slightly dampen a cloth with a mixture of either laundry detergent, or soap, and a small amount of water. Simply just wipe the inside of the bag, taking care not to get any on the outer body, and leave it to dry.

You can extend the linings freshness by spritzing a little bit of fabric spray on the inside, making sure not to saturate the fabric.

Protecting your Marmont bag

Even though your Gucci Marmont will be looking and feeling it’s very best after a much needed clean, making sure you protect it will help with longevity. After all, prevention is often much easier than finding a cure. 

All Gucci bags come with a complimentary dust bag, it’s a wise idea to always store your Marmont bag in the dust bag to keep it safe from dust.


When we put down a large amount of money on a name like Gucci, we often think that the products have superpowers and avoid general wear and tear – That’s not the case, even your trusty Marmont needs a little TLC from time to time.

The brass logo can be treated just like any antique, with a good polish and cloth.

Invest in a good leather conditioner that will clean the outer body, as well as protect it from any potential future damage. Remember to always use a soft, microfiber cloth on the outer body and always work the product in a circular motion. 

Remember to always give the inside of your bag a wipe down and spritz with fabric freshener – Not only is this hygienic, but, if you’re the type of person to pack their entire life in their handbag, it will also help you to feel a lot more organised. 

Keep your bag in the complimentary dust bag provided, to ensure your Gucci Marmont is always taken care of when you’re not using it.

Hopefully, with the tips provided, you’ll be able to protect and extend the life of your Gucci Marmont bag. 

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