How Do Gucci Slides Run? Do They Run Big or Small?

Customers are reporting that Gucci Slides run small in size compared to other shoes. These open-toe sandals come in full sizes, so if you’re usually using half a size, it’s better to go up one size, rather than to go down. Customers are also reporting that it might be a good idea to run a full size larger if you want a bit of a looser fit.

How Do Men’s Gucci Slides Fit? Are Gucci sliders true to size?

The men’s Gucci slides fit a bit small, however, customers are also reporting that the sandals are quite wide compared to many other shoe models. There are customers that say that they are comfortable, even though their feet are narrow and they slide feel a bit too wide for their foot.

How to Know if Gucci Slides are Real?

The number one way to know if Gucci slides are real or fake is to check the text, logo and colors of the slides.

  1. The engraving in the sole has a ® symbol, i.e. a registered trademark symbol is quite wide in the engraving. Even the “Gucci” and “made in italy” text is quite chunky on the original sole. Fake ones are often using a thinner style.
  2.  All Gucci Slides have text, either on the back of slide or on the side of the slide. Many fake slides will have a quite similar style to the Gucci font, but small things are often off. This can be letters being unaligned or too thin of a font.
  3. The third alternative is to look at the colors of the slides. Fake ones are often using colors that are off and darker than the original Gucci slides.

Where Can I Buy Gucci Slides?

New Gucci slides can be bought at several stores, including Gucci’s own web store.

However, at Democratic Luxe, we recommend to buy from one of the larger department stores as those alternatives often have good rebates and coupon codes.

Selfridges offer, e.g., a broad range of Gucci Slides. Prices range from $270 to $500.

Saks Fifth Avenue offers the classic slides for $310, but offers almost 40 different variations of slides and slippers.

Farfetch is a third alternative. The current available ones are special versions with staggering prices. They are available at $13,000+ right now.

If you’re having troubles finding a new pair, you could look into pre-owned alternatives from StockX. StockX make sure that the products are authentic.

How to Clean Rubber Gucci Slides

Your Rubber Gucci Slides can be cleaned in 7 easy steps that will make them look amazing and smell less funky after a hot summer. The bacteria that gather in the slides is the number one reason for the smell being present.

Step 1: Take a small basin and add some lukewarm water with a decent amount of liquid or dish soap. Stir for a minute to make the soap dissolve.

Step 2: Put your Gucci Slides in the lukewarm water and let them sit for a minute or two.

Step 3: Use a soft toothbrush to go through the whole Gucci Slide area with gentle scrubs. You might need to use a bit more force where stains and dirt are stuck, but take it easy as the material and color can take damage.

Step 4: Put the Gucci Slides back in the water and rinse off all loose dirt. Rinse once again under running water to ensure that all soap is washed off the Gucci Slides.

Step 5: Put the Gucci Slides somewhere where they get a fresh breezy, but not in direct sunlight! This is important as this can fade the color and potentially damage the rubber.

Step 6: Take the Gucci Slides in a resealable plastic bag (IKEA has great ones) and make sure that the seal is airtight.

Step 7: Put the resealable plastic bag with the Gucci Slides inside and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. This will kill the left bacteria that are causing a bad odor.

Do Gucci Slides Have a Serial Number? Where is the Serial Number on Gucci Slides?

Yes, Gucci Slides have a serial number like all of their other shoes and items. The serial number is located on the inside of the shoe, or in other words, the inside of the strap.

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