How do Gucci shoes fit?

A lot of us are now choosing to buy online rather than in-store. While not all of us have the convenience of being able to stroll down to a Gucci store, the luxury brands website is a great destination – and often stocks a larger style range and costs can run lower.

But, buying shoes online can be a little confusing. You want to make sure that in advance of purchasing, you know your perfect size. Gucci’s stock levels can be limited, so if you receive a size that is a tad too small, you might be unable to exchange it for the same style.

Gucci sizes and fit need to be taken into consideration, but it can be hard without trying the brand out first. Here, we tell you how Gucci’s most popular styles fit and give you a few tips to consider before you make an online Gucci splurge.

How to measure your foot size

Luckily, when you’re shopping on the Gucci site the shoes are accommodated with a size guide. The size guide converts different country shoe sizes so that you’re able to tell what size to order. If you typically fluctuate between sizes, it’s a good idea to measure your foot size to gauge the perfect fit for you.

Step one: Trace the foot

Sizing & Size Check

First, place a piece of paper on the floor. Make sure to put on the socks you’d typically wear with the shoes as this will help to give us the most accurate measurement. Putting weight onto your foot, trace around your foot as closely as possible, without tilting the pen in or out. 

If you have one foot bigger than the other, be sure to outline the bigger foot.

Step two: Measure the length

Using a measuring tape or a ruler, measure the length of your foot outline in centimetres
(CM). The result is your foot length and the number you will use to determine your shoe size.

Japanese shoe sizes are measured in CM, Gucci’s size chart will help convert this into Italian sizing.

Step three: Measure the width

gray and yellow measures

You can also measure the width of your foot outline to determine whether you would benefit from a wider or narrow fitting shoe. If you measure in between two numbers, choose the higher one for better comfort.

Gucci’s most popular styles and fit

Gucci loafers

Gucci’s Jordan Loafers are one of their most loved styles. The loafers typically run slightly larger, so it’s advised to size down by half a size to ensure that the back of the heel doesn’t slip or rub. The shoes are cut from an incredibly soft Italian leather – that stretches and moulds to your foot shape.

Gucci Slingback Pump

The coveted Gucci Slingback Pumps come in a variety of shapes. The majority of slingbacks feature a pointed toe, meaning the shoe is a narrow fit. It’s advised to size up in a style like this by half a size – the slingbacks have an adjustable back strap, so if you do size up you’ll be able to tailor it to the most secure fit. 

Gucci Sneakers 

Women's The Hacker Project Triple S sneaker

Gucci sneakers are one of the most popular styles of footwear worldwide. They’re known for their practicality and comfort. That being said,  the sneakers fit true to size, so as long as you know your exact shoe size you shouldn’t struggle with finding a perfect fit.

Extra tips to consider

  • Gucci is partnered with fit-finder, you can input your size from different brands and fit-finder will calculate your recommended size.
  • If you’ve taken all of the previous information into consideration but are still unsure of the size to choose, Gucci’s website does feature a live chat function. So, you can consult with a real Gucci consultant to help find your perfect size.
  • Read customer reviews – searching for customer reviews of the style you’re eying up will help you gain a better understanding of the shoe fit, whilst also gaining insight into the quality.
  • In the case of when you receive your new Gucci shoes, they do not fit, or they’re simply not your style, make yourself familiar with the returns policy. Items must be returned in their original condition to be eligible for a refund –  items that have been personalised or made to order cannot be returned.


It can be a hassle to order an item online for it to end up being the wrong size. 

It’s especially difficult when it comes to ordering from luxury designers like Gucci, as their stock levels are often in limited supply, and additional sizes often become unavailable for exchange.

It’s important that you know your exact shoe size – you can measure the length of your foot in CM and easily convert this into Italian sizing, using Gucci’s size Guide. 

Take into consideration the style of shoe you’re purchasing, pointed-toe shoes are often narrower and chunky styles are often wider. Dependent on your foot shape, you might have to size up or down to get the right fit.

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