How Do Chanel Sneakers Fit?

Chanel sneakers don’t run true to size; they typically run half an inch smaller than the listed size. Chanel shoes are hand-crafted, and as a result, some inconsistencies may be seen with the shoes. If you’re going to buy Chanel sneakers, you might want to go half a size above your normal size.

Does Chanel Run Small?

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Yes. Chanel typically runs small; therefore, consumers are advised to go up half a size when shopping for Chanel sneakers. Chanel uses the French sizing style for its footwear. That means, for a size 38 Chanel sneakers, you would have a size 8 US.

However, because they run half a size smaller than listed sizing, a size 39 Chanel sneakers would be US’s size 8½. That is because a size 39 Chanel footwear is, in reality, a size 38½. 

Do Chanel Flats Run True to Size?

Yes, Chanel flats run true to French sizing, although this varies with the materials the flats are made of. Chanel flats are made from materials ranging from tweed to lambskin and from suede goatskin to patent calfskin.

Are Chanel Shoes Comfortable?


Chanel shoes are comfortable, although the comfort may not come immediately. As is common to most shoes, the first few times you wear Chanel shoes, you may experience some discomfort. There is even a chance you experience light blisters on your heels and baby toes the first few times wearing Chanel shoes.

However, the more you wear your Chanel shoes, the more you get used to them, and the more comfort they give you. So, don’t throw out your Chanel shoes just yet – and don’t abandon them. If you want comfort from your Chanel shoes, you would have to give your feet and the shoes a chance to become acquainted!

Are Chanel Shoes Worth It?

Chanel shoes combine class and style to give you the best experience ever. Chanel ballet flats or shoes are not likely to go out of style anytime soon; they will maintain their subtle style. Chanel shoes are made of two major materials: lambskin and patent calfskin.

Both types of materials are strong and durable although they have a different feel. For example, Chanel shoes made of lambskin leather are soft to the touch but highly resistant to scratching. The softness of the leather may get you terrified, but you’d find out that’s easier said than done.

As far as quality is concerned, Chanel shoes are widely known for their high-quality leather material. You can wear Chanel shoes for a long time, and no one would know; they’d think you just got them.

The insides may get worn out due to long-term wear, but the leather outside remains as good as new. Chanel shoes are among the most expensive sets of shoes globally, but they are worth every penny.


Chanel sneakers don’t run true to size; they typically run half size below the listed size. As such, if you want to get Chanel sneakers, you should get a half size bigger than the listed size. This inconsistency in Chanel sneakers is because Chanel footwear is hand-crafted. 

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