How Can You Tell Authentic Fendi Skims?

An easy way to spot an authentic Fendi Skims is by checking the hybrid Fendi x Skims logo, very obviously plastered across knitwear and jersey. Scattered all over the Fendi Skims tights are the Fendi’s Zucca emblems and the Skims logo; they are hard to miss.

What is Fendi Skims?

Fendi Skims, like Fendace, is a collaboration between two iconic fashion houses: Skims and Fendi. Fendi Skims came from the collaboration between Kim Kardashian West’s Skims fashion house and director Kim Jones’s Fendi luxury brand.

Before the partnership took place on November 9, 2021, rumors about the collaboration were already flying around. On October 25, both Jones and Kim confirmed that they have indeed collaborated. Fendi Skims is tagged the first of its kind and a limited-edition fashion capsule by both fashion moguls.

According to Kim Kardashian, the inspiration behind the collaboration was Kim Jones’s creative spirit and sensible understanding of luxury.

Jones reveals the inspiration behind the idea to be his team at Fendi. The collaboration combines the luxury of Fendi’s exquisite fashion with the innovation of Skims and is created for the modern woman. The collection spans mini dresses, shapewear, swimwear, outerwear, lingerie, and accessories.

Kim Jones of Fendi fashion house is said to have taken the fashion house out of this world. He has reportedly made collaborations an integral part of his tenure, becoming a refreshing luxury brand image.

There is also the rumor of a second collaboration dropping because footwear and accessories initially promised are yet to be released.

How Much is Fendi Skims?

Skims items usually range between $50 and $100 and are popularly used, and this is one of the reasons the fashion house has a mass-market appeal. However, with Fendi’s luxury in the picture, Fendi Skims naturally cost higher – between $100 and $4,200.

Due to Skim’s mass-market appeal, many believed that this collaboration would not perform very well – not as well as the affordable items at least.

Shockingly, however, this collection is reportedly selling out very fast – even at this high price.

What is Fendi’s Sports Bra Like?

Fendi sports bra was first designed by the brand’s first-ever creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. The sports bra is easily identifiable with the double F logo boldly inscribed on it.

The Fendi sports bra was said to be the helm of Fendi as far back as 1960. It is an iconic piece made in Italy, like all other Fend products. It features a piece of stretchy fabric and a supportive band that sits just below the bust.

It is designed to add a high-fashion edge to any workout and ensure an easy routine.

Where Can You Buy Fendi Skims?

Fendi skims are available for sale at selected Fendi stores and online at Fendi x Skims’ dedicated website. Since the collection is a limited edition, it is not as readily available as the fashion world would like. However, there is an understanding that the collaboration is about to see a wide release across the globe.


An authentic Fendi Skims is hard to miss with the hybrid Fendi x Skims logo plastered all over items in the collection.

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