Hermés Garden Party 30 VS 36 – Which One is Better?

Hermes garden party bags come in three sizes, including sizes 30 and 36. Garden party 30 is smaller than garden party 36. If you want the garden party bag for work, you should go for garden party 36. On the other hand, garden party 36 is heavier than 30.

Which Is of Better Quality, Garden Party 30 or 36?

Both Garden Party 30 and 36 are of good, high even quality. Hermes garden party bags, 30 or 36, are among the best bags anyone can purchase where designer bags are concerned.

However, the one you buy depends on how you intend to use the garden party bag. For example, if you need a bag for shopping, outings, casual or formal outing, you should go for the garden party 30. This is because the 36 is too heavy to be carried for a long time. Garden party 36 is best for work; it is big and would take all your necessities – and you won’t be carrying it the whole time.

Is Hermes Garden Party Worth Buying?

Yes, it is; Hermes garden party bags are one hundred percent worth buying. As far as quality goes, Hermes garden party bags are made of rare high-quality leather. The quality of the bags is such that they last a long time without losing shape or style. Hermes garden party bags are said to speak fashion in a sophisticated manner. If you’re all for style, fashion, class, and beauty, then you’d find Hermes garden party bags a worthy investment.

Garden party bags with the leather finish have their interior walls coated with light beige chevron canvas lining. Those with canvas finishes don’t have an extra lining on their interior walls; the outer canvas lines up the interiors.

How Do You Clean a Garden Party Bag?

Hermes garden party bag comes in two material finishes: leather and canvas that are not immune to dirt or stain. To clean a garden party bag, you should avoid using commercial cleaning products as much as possible. This is because commercial cleaning products can damage the beautiful finishing of the garden party bag. In place of those products, you can take the bag to one of the brand’s boutiques for professional cleaning.

The luxury brand has a spa service known as Hermes Spa service that fixes issues one may encounter with Hermes bags.

How Can You Authenticate Hermes Garden Party Bag?

Instead of holograms and serial numbers, Hermes uses a blind stamp system that tells the age of the garden party bag. The stamp includes the ID of the artisan that worked on that particular garden party bag. The stamp on garden party bags is usually aesthetically imprinted (in a 3D-like form) on one of the interior leather strips, which runs vertically along the side of the bag. The stamp is positioned on the left in leather garden party bags and reads “Hermes Paris, Made in France.”


Garden party 30 and 36 are two sizes out of three sizes of garden party bags produced by Hermes. Garden 36 is bigger and a better fit for the workplace; it is also heavier.

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