Guess vs. Steve Madden: Which brand is better?

When it comes to designer shoes, some brands do it better than others. On the one hand, there are luxury brands with high-quality shoes such that you don’t mind their outrageous prices. On the other hand, there are designer brands that offer beautiful, stylish, classy, and high-quality shoes at affordable prices. Guess and Steven Madden are two of these affordable yet great designers of high-quality shoes.

We say go for it if you can afford Steve Madden and Guess. Otherwise, you can use our assessment and comparison of Guess and Steve Madden to decide which one is best for you. The major differences between both brands are their target audience and individual brand preference.

For instance, Guess is more geared towards a trendy, present audience with a style in vogue at its score. On the other hand, Steve Madden is directed at serving a more retro-based target audience with present and future goals.

Guess Shoes vs. Steve Madden Shoes: Which Is More Expensive?

Guess, and Steve Madden shoes obviously differ in price ranges and market value. Steve Madden is more expensive than Guess, even with the latter being referred to as a luxury and designer brand. The lower prices of Guess shoes make the brand better described as an affordable luxury brand. While both brands are affordable, Guess is even more budget-friendly than Steve Madden and great if you have a tight budget.

Meanwhile, Steve Madden is not expensive – at least it is not as pricey as higher-end brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Nevertheless, the brand’s prices tend to be much higher than most brands competing with it. Still, there is not much difference between Guess shoes and Steve Madden shoes; the price difference is $20. For example, Steve Madden’s Women’s Starling Sneaker starts from $68, while Guess’s Women’s Loven 3 Sneaker starts from $38.5.

Is Guess Older than Steve Madden?

Guess is about nine years older than Steve Madden; the former was founded in 1981, while the latter was founded in 1990. Guess started with four brothers who left Europe for America to express their fashion prowess to the fullest. Guess is primarily a clothing fashion brand and retailer that deals in men’s and women’s clothing and other fashion accessories. Apart from its large line of clothing collections, Guess also markets watches, perfumes, bags, jewelry, and shoes.

Conversely, Steve Madden is a household name in the shoemaking industry, owing to the durability and quality level of the shoes. Since its creation, the Steve Madden brand has lived up to its audience’s expectations, producing designs that set trends. As the brand keeps proving its relevance with more desirable products, its shoes constitute some of the best on the market. Steve Madden deals in dress shoes, men’s sneakers, boots, women’s heeled boots, dress shoes, and multifunctional sneakers.

Guess, and Steve Madden have different offer ranges, but they both produce stylish and high-quality shoes. Where Steve Madden’s shoes offer a fusion of retro fashion and current trends, Guess offers stylish and age-inspired products.

Do Steve Madden Shoes Have Better Quality than Guess Shoes?

Steve Madden shoes are renowned for their high quality, and yes, they have better build quality than Guess shoes. Despite their fanciness and cuteness, Guess shoes lack the rigid, rugged look that characterizes every Steve Madden pair of shoes. You could describe Steve Madden shoes as made for fashion enthusiasts with a stronger taste in designer shoes. On the other hand, Guess shoes are more suited for those who prefer fashion-flinging individuals.

Guess uses faux leather to make most of its sneakers and dress shoes, which gives them a pretty and stylish outlook. While they are often dubbed designer shoes, you may not appreciate their over-shininess; faux leather tends to be too shiny. On the other hand, Steve Madden’s shoes are made with quality leather, giving them a stronger, more rugged, and rock-like appearance. Regarding quality, Steve Madden’s shoes have better quality, which is part of the reason they cost more.

As far as quality, worth, and class go, Steve Madden shoes take this trophy. There is a very clear difference between the quality of Steve Madden shoes and Guess shoes. Guess shoes are better defined as designer-based products, while Steve Madden shoes have genuine leather quality, which makes them more durable.

Is Guess a Good Brand to Invest In?

It may seem like we have downplayed the Guess brand, but understand that this is a comparison guide. Despite having lower quality than Steve Madden, Guess is indeed a good brand and one worth investing in. Moreover, Guess is the better brand if you want items better suited for the younger generation. We aim to give you an objective review of these two brands to help you make an informed decision.

One of the things that make Guess a commendable brand is the affordability of its products. The brand’s goal is to appeal to a wide range of ages, races, and genders, hence the style diversity and lower prices. Another key factor worth noting about the Guess brand is that their items, especially the clothing line, are eco-friendly. The brand is fully committed to being environmentally friendly, with at least twenty percent of its denim and non-denim products featuring environmentally-preferred materials.

Unlike most large companies, Guess has and proudly stands by its code of ethics, holding every employee and executive to those standards. Furthermore, Guess operates with transparency, honesty, and integrity; the fashion company believes that ethical conduct is its foundation. Thus, you might prefer Guess to Steve Madden if you don’t appreciate the cruelty luxury brands mete out to animals.


When it comes to quality, price, and material, Steve Madden tops Guess by more than a few points. The brand’s items are manufactured using the best quality material, and the price difference with Guess items is not that much. Moreover, the brand’s modern style and retrospective fashion make it a trusted brand for evergreen designs and timeless fashion items. Still, your personal preference, budget, and lifestyle will determine which of these two brands you go for; only use this as a guide.

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