Gucci Marmont or YSL Loulou: What bag too choose?

Gucci and YSL are undoubtedly two of the best brands to go to if you’re looking for designer bags. While their design aesthetics and price vary, both brands are known for making some iconic bags worth buying.

The Marmont and Loulou bags are two of their most popular bags, which are often compared with each other. Deciding between the two will ultimately rest on your preference, style, budget, and other factors.

We may first need to delve into the brands’ features to know the difference between the Marmont and Loulou bags. Perhaps, when you understand the brand and what it stands for, you’ll be able to decide if you want to be its customer.

Thus, if you’re in a fix deciding whether to purchase the Gucci Marmont or YSL Loulou, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to know the significant differences between these two iconic bags to help you choose.

Gucci Marmont vs YSL Loulou: Comparing Designs

The Gucci Marmont camera bag has a softly-structured shape and Double G hardware with a zip-top closure. The Marmont bag is inspired by a buckle used in some of the brand’s older bags in the 1970s.

The Marmont bags feature a bold GG logo motif, which is the main ornament, with other details, including chevron quilting. Its linear and simple rectangular structure makes the bag very spacious, letting you store bulky wallets, phones, and other small items.

The design of the Gucci Marmont bag is daring and compelling, which is one of the reasons it is popular with young fashionistas. The bag features a chain strap with a leather shoulder detail for convenience.

Meanwhile, the YSL Loulou camera bag, also known as the lou mini, is a chic and cute little crossbody bag. The bag is made of quilted grain pebbled leather and decorated with the iconic YSL symbol, among other details.

The bag’s interior features a lining made with full leather and three built-in card compartments for your cards. The bag has many striking features, the best being its oversized tassel measuring 14cm in length.

The Saint Laurent Loulou bag is finished with a round metal grip with “Saint Laurent Paris” boldly engraved around it. The bag and strap are linked through a leather loop that you can slide from one end of the bag to another. If you feel the tassel is becoming a nuisance, you can detach it; it’s not a permanent feature.

Gucci Marmont vs YSL Loulou: Which One Does Material Better?

Gucci’s Marmont bag is manufactured using high-quality matelassé leather with a chevron design, giving it a quilted and padded appearance. Matelassé leather features a stitching or weaving technique that produces a padded or quilted appearance without being understated or overly puffy.

The pattern can be achieved by hand, using a quilting machine, or on a jacquard loom. The design on the Marmont bag is meant to imitate the style of hand-stitched quilts made in Marseilles, France.

On the other hand, the YSL Loulou features a decorative chevron pattern at the front and back and calfskin leather at the top and bottom. Where material is concerned, the matelassé wins because the high-class technique prevents the bag from losing shape over time.

The problem is that the chain on the Gucci Marmont is heavy, making it hard to carry it about all the time. But, on the other hand, the Loulou is incredibly lightweight and almost too light to be true.

What Are the Major Differences between Gucci and YSL?

While Gucci and YSL share some similarities in the items they offer and their long histories, they are significantly different. You want to focus on these differences to decide which of the brands you want to buy from. That said, below are the major differences between Gucci and YSL.


Gucci is bolder in its designs, featuring several eye-catching colors and prints, while YSL has more minimalistic designs. Much of YSL’s products’ focus is on the quilted luxurious leather and hardware features, with classy and timeless designs. Gucci is known for using interesting materials in its bags, including bamboo. Gucci handbags feature fun and unusual silhouettes that are often a blend of archival pieces and contemporary elements.


Both brands don’t have the same price points, although the difference isn’t that big – unless you think it is. Saint Laurent bags are sold at prices between $1,000 and $4,690, whereas Gucci bags are sold at $790 to $7,700. Some classic Gucci bags cost as much as $36,000, although its smaller bags are cheaper than YSL’s. 

Is Gucci Marmont any Good?

Gucci Marmont bags are considered some of the best designer bags in the high-fashion market. They feature timeless designs and aesthetics and will match whatever outfit you pick out to wear with them.

Those who have used the bag say it is versatile because you can use it as a tote bag, shoulder bag, or mini. The Gucci Marmont will be beautiful and maintain its exotic silhouette regardless of how you want to wear it.

The bag comes in different sizing, including medium and large sizes. So if you want more space to throw everything in, you might want to choose the large size.

Is YSL Loulou any Good?

The YSL Loulou features a decorative chevron pattern and calfskin leather and is available in different materials. The bag has a firm exterior, thanks to its matelassé, which prevents the bag from losing shape with time.

If you’re not a fan of big bags but can’t do without your daily essentials, you should consider the Loulou. For a bag this small, it has an unbelievable capacity to hold a considerable amount of items.

One of the best features of the Loulou is its exterior, which, although simple, is classy with a distinctly smooth, rich, and glossy leather finish. The leather is accentuated by a padded pattern that immediately catches the eye, is scratch-resistant, and is high-quality. 


Gucci Marmont and YSL Loulou have some similarities, including their pattern and high-quality materials. Thus, when deciding which of the two bags to choose, consider their aesthetics and match them with your style. For example, if you want a more classy style that’s timeless, remaining luxurious and elegant always, YSL may be your brand. On the other hand, if you want more bag choices with attention-grabbing and opulent designs, Gucci is your go-to brand.

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