Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Which brand is better?

It is a very healthy comparison between Goyard and Louis Vuitton – and way too hard. If you’re trying to decide which brand you should go for between the two, we hope this information can help you.

As far as quality goes, both brands offer excellent quality, but one is said to have higher quality than the other. Despite the uniqueness of every fashion brand, there is bound to be a comparison between one and the other.

For most people, comparing two brands is their only chance to weigh the pros and cons of a brand. That way, they can consider their options and make informed decisions based on their received information.

Goyard and Louis Vuitton are two iconic fashion houses with a long history of fashion perfection. It is a battle between which brand makes the style and quality better and which one is more affordable.

Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Comparing History

The funny story between these two; Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Which Is More Expensive?

The price ranges of LV and Goyard are similar; that’s all we can say, especially since Goyard doesn’t offer price information on its website.

Everyone understands that quality must come at a price, and we understand the high price points of these two iconic French brands. To make the comparison fair, let’s compare the items both brands have in common – including the small leather goods.

In addition, both brands have classic canvas totes, travel bags, cross-body bags, cardholders, small folding wallets, men’s long wallets, and clutches.

  • LV’s classic canvas tote costs $1,460, while Goyard’s costs $1,200 – LV: 1, Goyard: 0.
  • LV’s travel bag costs $2,150, while Goyard’s costs $2,470 – LV: 0, Goyard: 1.
  • LV’s small folding wallet costs $720, while Goyard’s costs $790 – LV: 0, Goyard: 1.
  • Goyard’s men’s long wallet costs 925 while Louis Vuitton’s costs $1,360 – that’s a win for Louis Vuitton.
  • Goyard’s cross-body bag costs $2,510 while Louis Vuitton’s costs $2,420 – Goyard: 1, LV: 0
  • LV’s cardholder costs $220, while Goyard’s costs $300 – Goyard: 1, LV: 0.
  • Goyard’s clutch costs $1,030 while LV’s costs $1,390 – LV: 1, Goyard: 0

So, you see that the price points are similar; some of Goyard’s items are more expensive than Louis Vuitton’s, and vice versa.

Goyard St. Louis GM vs Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM: Quality

The LV Neverfull and Goyard St. Louis GM are beautiful bags with unique silhouettes and styles. However, the LV Neverfull features better quality than the Goyard St. Louis.

However, that isn’t exactly a fair comparison considering the Goyard tote was designed to be used originally as a beach bag. That explains the floppiness of the St. Louis tote; it is made out of the naturally coated leather-like but waterproof canvas. 

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is also made from canvas, but it is much thicker and can stand upright on its own. It features a better and sturdier structure than the Goyard, and it is impressively functional.

The straps on both the Neverfull and Saint Louis totes are genuine leather. Most people would prefer the Louis Vuitton Neverfull because it is sturdier and holds up longer than the Goyard.

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Which One Should You Buy?

At this point, you’ve probably already decided on which brand you prefer between the two. But, at the end of the day, the brand that speaks your style will be the “better” option for you.

As far as style goes, Louis Vuitton and Goyard are synonymous with chic and elegant but are still distinctly different.

For example, Goyard makes purses for different occasions, including evening outfits, daily domestic use, and the workplace. The brand’s products emit French simplicity; Goyard is your go-to brand if you want simple but luxurious elegance.

However, unless you are someone with a “name,” if you know what we mean, buying a Goyard product is impossible.

Conversely, Louis Vuitton releases new styles every year, and every new release becomes a hit instantly. The brand’s fans understand that, despite its price, buying Louis Vuitton products is never a waste of money.

Louis Vuitton is world-renowned for unusual collaborations and experimentation with colors and styles, producing unique styles every time.


More significant differences exist between Louis Vuitton and Goyard, including their marketing strategies. Where Goyard has non-existent marketing strategies, Louis Vuitton goes all out to market each new release. Also, where Goyard sticks to its roots and style, Louis Vuitton is constantly experimenting with style, keeping up with modern trends. Finally, Goyard has a band of “special” and loyal customers that it gladly serves; it keeps everyone else out.

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