Goyard vs. Hermes: Which brand to choose?

This article is set on comparing two of the leading giants in the fashion industry: Goyard and Hermes. It’s a battle of which brand does the quality better, which one costs more, and which one is worth your money.

First, both are great options if you’re looking for authentic luxury brands – offering the best of luxury. They offer the exclusivity luxury consumers crave, are expensive, and feature an outstanding quality only very few brands can offer.

There’s a good chance that you know way more about Hermes than you do about Goyard. That’s by choice; Goyard is a highly secretive brand that operates under the radar – it doesn’t care much for trends. Meanwhile, Hermes also offers exclusivity, and the brand is famous and trusted for leather goods, accessories, and bags.

Goyard and Hermes are peculiar in their way; they have their strengths, weaknesses, and significant details that set them apart.

Goyard vs. Hermes: Which Is the Oldest?

Hermes is older than Goyard; Goyard was founded in 1853, which was about sixteen years after Hermes started operation. Francois Goyard started the Goyard brand in 1853 in Paris, France; it is known for its customized bags.

It is a French trunk and leather goods company known for a certain level of secrecy and lack of marketing. Goyard bags are characterized by an iconic interlocking Chevron pattern, of which very little is known.

Meanwhile, Hermes International is also a French luxury goods company with a combination of rich heritage, an eye for detail, and exquisite craftsmanship. Thierry Hermes started the Hermes brand in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris; he only intended to serve European noblemen.

The brand started as a provider of saddles, bridles, and other leather riding gear for English noblemen. It gradually expanded its offerings through the years, entering into strategic collaborations with top players in the industry.

Goyard and Hermes don’t offer the same set of items, although one thing they both have in common is the handbag collection. Goyard is known for producing scarves, bracelets, office accessories, bag accessories, watch boxes, and travel cases. Meanwhile, Hermes is known for manufacturing handbags, fragrances, home furnishings, lifestyle accessories, jewelry, and watches.

Goyard vs. Hermes: Which Brand Has Better Handbag Quality?

Goyard and Hermes have remarkable quality handbags, which is one of the reasons behind their excellent reputations. However, they are both choosy when it comes to the quality of the material they use for their products. The high quality of their handbags cost so much is also a reason why they cost as much as they do.

On the one hand, Goyard offers customized or bespoke services for their handbags where customers can specify their desired designs. On the other hand, Goyard uses Goyard canvas, also known as Goyardine, to make its handbags; Goyardine is a combination of hemp, linen, and cotton.

Goyard bags are also high-quality, waterproof, scratch and dust-resistant, and lightweight; these features contribute to their durability.

On the other hand, Hermes handbags are solely handcrafted; it uses no equipment to produce the bags. As a result, Hermes handbags are some of the most expensive on the market because they feature outstanding quality.

Like Goyard, Hermes bags are incredibly long-lasting; they are built to last long and maintain their unique silhouette. Thus, both Goyard and Hermes have outstanding quality; the difference is that one offers customizing options while the other doesn’t.

Goyard vs. Hermes: Which Is More Expensive?

Hermes bags are way more expensive than Goyard bags, hands down. Hermes is one of the most luxurious luxury brands in the fashion industry; Goyard doesn’t come close in that area. For example, Goyard bags range from $1,200 to $2,500 and above, although it can increase if you customize them.

The final cost of your Goyard bag will depend on how much customization you have done, the design, and the color.

Meanwhile, Hermes handbags cost between $18,000 and $400,000, depending on the bag’s style, size, and, of course, the material used. There are many luxury brands in the fashion industry, but there are levels to this thing called luxury.

Goyard and Hermes are luxury brands, but Goyard is more of an entry-level luxury brand while Hermes is a full-fledged luxury. So when choosing between Hermes and Goyard, price is one of the factors you want to consider.

If you can afford a Hermes handbag, we recommend it; it’ll cost you some, but it is worth it. However, if you can’t afford a Hermes, Goyard is a perfect brand to patronize; it is also worth it.

What Are Three Ways to Authenticate a Hermes Bag?

Hermes bags are high-quality, beautiful, classy, stylish, and simple out of this world. Unfortunately, as mouth watering as these qualities are, they make the bags a prime target for counterfeiting. Considering how much you’ll be spending on your Hermes bag, you want to ensure you get the real thing. You can let a professional authenticate your Hermes bag or do it yourself in the following ways.

Check the bag’s shape

It should have exquisite, elegant, luxurious, crisp lines and an unmistakable silhouette. The bag’s handle should be rigid and able to stand upright without help. For instance, if you’re buying a Birkin, you want to measure the distance between the top of the handles and the bag. For a Hermes Birkin, that should be five inches (or five centimeters).

An easy way to authenticate a Hermes is by smelling it

Genuine Hermes leather stands out with its scent. Regardless of the bag’s age, an authentic Hermes bag smells the same. Counterfeiters can replicate the shape and handle but cannot replicate the treatment Hermes gives its leathers.

Check the bag’s stitching

Hermes uses special stitching known as saddle stitching. This stitching type is derived from the brand’s heritage of handmade equestrian leather accessories. Artisans stitch using two separate needles, creating two rows of stitches in one row of holes for a clean but durable appearance.

The stitches are handmade, which means there should be some imperfections; perfect stitching signifies the use of a machine, meaning it’s a counterfeit.


Hermes and Goyard are different in their way, but their uncompromising stand for premium quality is one thing they have in common. Both are great brands, featuring outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional design aesthetics, and various styles. When it comes to the price, the choice isn’t hard to make; it all comes down to what your pocket can afford.

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