Goyard vs. Fauré Le Page: Which brand to choose?

Goyard and Fauré Le Page are two iconic French brands known for high quality and secrecy. Both brands reiterate what the world knows: no country does luxury leather goods better than France.

Moreover, the country has a deep-rooted history of trunk makers, also known as malletier, including Louis Vuitton and Goyard. As a result, some of the world’s most recognized high-end luxury brands originate from France, becoming luxury status symbols.

Faure Le Page is much older than Goyard, but it had been out of business until its rebirth in 2009. Since 2009, there have been a series of comparisons between Fauré Le Page and Goyard, primarily because of their similar product lines.

Goyard is still the more popular of the two, but Fauré Le Page is gradually rising in popularity. This article looks at each fashion brand critically, covering different aspects, including quality, distribution, and price points.

Goyard vs. Fauré Le Page: Comparing History

Fauré Le Page is the older of the two fashion brands, being over three hundred years old. Its origins began in Paris, France, in 1717, after it was founded by Louis Pigny.

The brand started as a firearm and sword manufacturer for countless royalty in France and Europe. Some of the brand’s notable clients include Louis XVIII and Napoleon Bonaparte, among numerous others.

The brand became forgotten for years until Augustine de Buffevent, a Dior veteran, purchased it in 2009. He reinvented the old luxury weaponry house into a leather goods brand with reference to its history in weaponry.

Now, the Fauré Le Page brand features a more repurposed craft, with the details of its craftsmanship shifted into modern styles. Fauré Le Page is a low-key luxury leather goods producer with only three stores in the world selling its products.

Meanwhile, next to Louis Vuitton.

Goyard has a rich history of fashion-forward individuals who understand the essence of fashion and wouldn’t change for anyone.

Goyard vs. Fauré Le Page: What Are the Differences?

If you’re judging by appearance, you will find that Goyard and Fauré Le Page are similar in outward appearance. They have similar traditional silhouettes and monogram patterns, but there are still features by which you can distinguish them.

One of such is the quality of each brand’s material in making its products. Fauré Le Page is reportedly much stronger and more durable than Goyard, with a thicker material feel.

The materials used to make Fauré Le Page products have an overall thicker feel than Goyard’s material. Goyard products are often criticized for having a plastic feel, which may be responsible for their less-durable characteristics.

Additionally, both the Goyard and Fauré Le Page brands are different in their attachments and straps. Goyard’s St. Louis has a detachable pouch, while Faure’s Daily Battle Tote has an adjustable strap with a ring but no pouch.

Comparing prices, Fauré Le Page is significantly less expensive than Goyard, although that doesn’t increase its accessibility. For example, Fauré Le Page’s Daily Battle costs 650 euros, while St. Louis costs 800 in a classic color and 1,040 in a unique color.

Nevertheless, Fauré Le Page’s lower price point is a major advantage, particularly considering its sturdier and higher-quality material.

Is Fauré Le Page’s Monogram Worth It?

Fauré Le Page’s monogram is high quality; it takes four months to finish hand-crafting it. A signature pattern of the Fauré Le Page brand is the fish-scales pattern, also known as ecailles.

It is derived from the traditional hallmark of top gunmakers, which explains why some say the monogram resembles dragon scales. After making the monogram, colors and details are added through a screen-printing process that appears similar to silkscreen printing.

Once that’s done, the material is waxed and grained to achieve that glossy appearance the brand’s customers recognize. Furthermore, this process provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and scratches, explaining the bag’s incredible durability.

The Fauré Le Page monogram is a good investment, and it isn’t all that expensive. The only problem is that it is near impossible to purchase Fauré Le Page-products – the brand is highly secretive.

Is Goyard a Good Brand for Leather Goods?

Goyard is one of the top go-to brands for luxury leather goods, with its impressive dedication to quality and excellence. The Goyard brand combines meticulous workmanship with authenticity and artistic excellence to provide various choices of exclusive motifs and hues.

Each product is geared towards helping you express your personality and taste boldly, making things unique and personal. You can inscribe your name, initials, or whatever you want on your Goyard price, but be ready to pay heftily for it.

The Goyard brand prides itself on being true to its lineage and heritage, perpetuating a rich tradition of high-standard bespoke monogramming.

The brand strictly sticks to artisanal methods that have stayed the same even after over 150 years. Its products are meticulously hand-crafted by skilled and carefully trained painters. Each artisan that works on a Goyard product goes through thorough training in the brand’s tradition.


Try these two if you’ve saved up to invest in designer products and need suggestions for the best brand to go for. Although comparably and uniquely different, Goyard and Fauré Le Page are brands focused on giving the best.

Both brands don’t advertise their products; they maintain secrecy, although the Fauré Le Page is more secretive. Fauré Le Page generally features higher quality and sturdier products than Goyard, and it is also less expensive.

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