Goyard St Louis PM vs. GM: Which one to choose?

The Goyard St Louis Tote is one of the brand’s most popular bags, well-loved by fashion consumers worldwide. The bag is made with canvas, a combination of linen, cotton, and hemp, and looks like a treasure chest. It features a detachable pochette and coated canvas handmade in France, with its signature hand-painted chevron print with a three-dimensional pattern.

The tote is incredibly versatile, unbelievably stylish, and impressively durable; its lightweight and reversible features are noteworthy, too.

The Goyard St Louis comes in three sizes, the PM, GM, and XXL, with the latter being recently introduced. This article is a comparison guide between the PM and GM sizes to help you decide which one suits you best. The tote is generally an unstructured bag, so whatever size you choose will complement any frame beautifully.

Nevertheless, we will provide you with information on both sizes and let you judge yourself if any size goes.

Goyard St Louis PM vs. GM: Which Is More Expensive?

The Goyard St Louis GM is larger and therefore more expensive than the PM, including the classic and special colors. The special colors cost more than the classic colors, even in the PM, because of the “specialness.”. Goyard GM bags cost between $1,425 and $1,855, while the PM costs between $1,225 and $1,595, depending on the color. The beautiful thing about these bags is that they feature a gorgeous and recognizable pattern that is hard to counterfeit.

Although it costs more than other brands in its category, the Goyard brand is worth investing in. This particular item features great quality materials, which explains why the fashion elite crowd loves it. Goyard doesn’t directly sell its products; unless you go through a resale site, getting the items online is impossible. Nevertheless, the brand only offers distance sales, depending on how close you are to the boutique; you should call first before visiting.

The Goyard St Louis GM is larger than the PM, featuring 40 x 20 x 34 cm (L x W x H). On the other hand, the PM features the following dimensions: 34 x 15 x 28 cm (L x W x H).

Goyard St Louis PM vs. GM: What Are Their Best Uses?

Another factor to consider when choosing between these two sizes is what you need the bag for. The GM is the best option if you need a bag large enough to hold all your essentials without looking disfigured. Originally designed as a beach bag, the St Louis GM Tote is large enough to hold another bag with other essentials. It is also the ideal bag for traveling, with enough space to hold a 13” laptop and clothing items comfortably.

Meanwhile, if you need an everyday bag you can carry anywhere that doesn’t require many accessories, the PM is better. The PM is large enough to hold a wallet, sunglasses, and makeup bags and has a little extra wiggle room for your keys. If you need to run an errand quickly, the PM is the ideal companion; it will easily hold your essentials.

The Goyard St Louis GM can easily fit your beach towels, sandals, and outdoor products without straining your shoulders. More so, if you have a larger body frame, the GM is better; the PM is better suited for someone with a petite frame. Another interesting feature of the GM worth mentioning is that it is waterproof, making it the perfect companion for the beach.

Is the Goyard St Louis Tote Durable?

The Goyard St Louis material looks like leather but is actually canvas; it is made with the signature Goyardine canvas. The canvas is a dyed textile made up of three different materials: hemp, linen, and cotton. After mixing up and dying the materials, the product is coated to make it resistant, ensuring premium durability.

The brand produces the Goyardine canvas in France, while the tote’s featured chevron print is hand painted.

The St Louis bag has the brand’s signature monogram, which looks like a geometric pattern but is symbolic. The pattern used to be hand-painted, but the brand now uses layers of etching and engraving color to draw it. The chevron print features repeated sets of three chevrons in a “Y” formation, symbolizing three centuries of the brand.

Since the St Louis Tote was originally made to be a beach bag, it isn’t intended to carry heavy items. Thus, this bag can easily wear out if you use it to carry more items than it can carry. Additionally, the tote has a potential weakness: the corners of the bag can get scuffed with time. The good news is that Goyard offers exclusive repair services, so if the bag gets damaged, you can get it repaired.

Goyard St Louis Tote: Which Size Should You Buy?

First, it is hard to get a Goyard item, so you must decide before contacting the brand. There isn’t much difference between the St Louis PM and GM, but they both have their best-suited uses. For example, the PM is better suited for the everyday luxury city shopper, while the GM is better suited for traveling. Ultimately, you want to choose the size that fits your lifestyle and preferences – particularly if you want to enjoy it.

What you want to use the St Louis bag for matters when choosing a suitable size. We’ve highlighted the uses of both bag sizes so that you can choose based on that. The prices of the St Louis Totes are also a determining factor as the GM is more expensive. Regardless of what size you choose, however, the Goyard St Louis bag is a classy piece for the ardent fashionista.


Goyard is a low-key brand; it operates under the radar and only sells to its closed group. Nevertheless, the brand’s items, including the St Louis bag, are not completely unreachable; you can buy them online through a resale site.

Before buying, you need to decide which size you want; your needs, budget, lifestyle, and preferences are important factors to consider. The PM is best used as an errand and everyday bag, while the GM is best as a travel, beach, or everyday bag.

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